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Friday, September 16, 2011

OPC: My Little Miracle Worker

Traffic congestions are wonderful.

Cos you're stuck with nothing to do but to look around you and occasionally catch other drivers picking their nose, spitting outta the car, talking to themselves, kissing their partners, falling asleep, camhoring *ahem* etc etc etc.

And while there isn't much drama around you (Especially during the off-work rush hour where people don't even have the mood to pick their nose), you spend most of your time in the car pondering about stuff, planning and thinking. Well, that's what the restless-must-make-my-time-worthwhile Careen does!

Life's become such a fast & forward (and furious!) motion that I sometimes forget what just happened the day before, while needing my calendar to help me recall my activities. Getting old? Well, maybe :(

It's amazing to see how different days have been allocated for different groups of people in my life.

Juggling with my part-time job as a model/talent/emcee/blogger, serving in my church's video, drama, dance, and worship team ministry, leading a cell group of crazy people (I love them!), a full-time student with massive ongoing assignments, as well as a full-time friend, daughter, sister, and gf, I hardly get to say, "I'm so bored, I don't know what to do today."

In fact, it's been years since I registered the word, 'Bored' in my system. Absolutely no time to be bored!

Was looking for a word that best sums up my life, and that word is 'STRETCHED'.

Here's a little sneak peak about some of the stuff that I do, and the people in my busy little life.


IMG_1388 [800x600]
Seventeen Magazine Fashion Spread February 2011

Toni & Guy Hair Show

DG Color Model Search 2010 Finals

Modelle's Beauty 50 Photoshoot

Hypertune Magazine Jan 2011



Kellog's Special 'K' TVC Shoot with Carmen Soo


Emcee for Super GT Malaysia Queen Search 2011


Emcee for INTI International College's Social Night 2011

Behind the scenes pictures are precious. These are the only ones I could find :P

We usually get busier as each year passes. More achievements & experiences, which also means more commitments & responsibilities.

CHCKL's 'SJC Rocks!' Drama Production


CHCKL's 'Dance My Love' Drama Production

Meanie, bitchy gf in 'Will You Marry Me' Drama Production


Dancer & Singer at 'Pins & Needles' Drama Production

Sometimes when I do a recap of my whole year such as The Chronicles of 2010, I feel tired and stressed and while recalling and writing my post.

Started leading a crazy cell group called E11 on December 2010 :)

Our first CG pic

Random pic during our weekly feast

Planet of the apes

My cell group :)

Sometimes, when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or while feeling overwhelmed about the load of commitments that I have in my life, I've many times felt like just leaving everything behind and go for a getaway without my phone, without the Internet. Not being responsible for anyone, anything.

End of Sem 4 celebration to fatten up! At Umami Steamboat buffet :D


Coursemates that get along so very well :)

Stressful assignment times.
Taylor's Audio Recording studio is *thumbs and toes up*

During the times where we spot dark circles, puffy eyes and dry skin due to lack of sleep and TLC :(

But very quickly, I'd brush these thoughts aside, because I know that these stuff that I commit myself to are things and people that I love, that complete my life.

My dear family members who support me through every thick and thin, celebrate my success and share pieces of my burden.

My darling who loves and pampers me like a princess. I'm overwhelmed :)


I'm busy for these things and people in my life, yet at the same time, these things and people are the ones that keep me alive. Making my life ever so meaningful.

At the end of the day, I know that my busyness pays off, because I'm not just blindly filling my time with activities and events, but with experiences and people that matter to me.

However, as much as I hate to admit it, being so busy does take a toll on my health. By the time I reach home on a busy day (which is most of the days), my energy level would be zero. Nada. Nil.

These days, sleep is so precious that once I lay my head down on my fluffy pillow and snuggle myself into my comforter, I'm fast asleep. Insomnia? Never experienced anything close!

The people in my life keeps me going mentally, emotionally. But physically, THIS is what keeps me going, while giving me a radiant outlook despite having a hectic schedule and lack of sleep.

Secret to my inner shine

I've been trying Innershine OPC for close to two weeks now, and I've seen tremendous results.

It improves my skin complexion, makes my skin much smoother and radiant-looking.

It's assignment season, and lack of sleep is such an understatement.
Usually I would spot black eye bags, break-outs and rough skin due to stress and lack of sleep.

I've been telling the bf how surprised I am that in this time around, my skin has gotten better instead of worse!

Even he could tell the difference! ;)

This little buddy has proven itself.

Lovin' the makeup-free me :)

This dainty, lovely little bottle contains ingredients that gives me an InnerShine that I often lose due to long hours in the sun, car, and running around town.

It contains nature's super anti-oxidant, OPC which helps my skin looking effortlessly youthful and luminous, even without make up (that's right!).

You know how they say that healthy stuff usually tastes bad?
Well, I beg to differ with this one! Containing Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract, it tastes absolutely yummyz :)
Curious to know more about this miracle worker?

love, careen.


  1. Just found out that my housemate is your classmate. LOL... The one that standing on your left, at the last pic of your college-mates, the pic right before your family pic. Major LOL.

  2. I cant believe that I finish reading the whole thing XD

  3. Sheyvin, and that's my bro's gf haha. :) she actually mentioned to me before that ure her housemate haha.


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