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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Virgin CPR

Camho 2
Blow, wind, blow!

It's been busy, busy, busy since my last update! But nothing's stopping me from blogging, especially about this ;)

The Advertlets bloggers were invited to Mahsa University College for a First Aid Workshop! Knowing that we'll learn about basic first aid skills and how to do CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) or better known as mouth-to-mouth, I jumped upon the invitation!

Yeah yeah yeah I'm jakun like that. I bet you don't know how to do a proper, step-by-step CPR just like how I was too! *hmppph* But now I can proudly say, I DO ;)

My casual outfit for the weekend. Comfort-over-style!
Oh, check out my new kicks! The cutest & most comfortable flats in the whole wide world. Uh-huh.

Last Saturday, 11am. That's considered really early for a lazy Saturday! But I rolled outta bed excited as I knew I'd be doing something different and learning something new.

We were given a brief on the background of Mahsa University College and its various courses before going on to THIS!


I realised there are SO MANY important things we need to know about giving a CPR. Oh just how I've been ignorant.

We were given real clear instructions on what to do, and what not to do. And we were beyond honoured to have been given a hands on training by the CEO of Mahsa himself :)

Another instructor cleaning the "mouth" of "Jim". AWESOMEEE. That really made me feel less sceptical and grossed out to give the manniquin some "lovin" :D

Our trainer going through the simple steps again and again and again to make sure we know just what to do with "Jim".

Here's me looking rather confused.

Okay, these are not the exact steps, but being the noob me who has no clue about Bio terms, here's what I remember from the training :P

In layman terms, here are Careen's 4 simple steps to giving a NAIS CPR.
*clears throat*

#1: Check first.

You gotta tap tap the chest and shoulders and try to wake the victim up. If all the tapping and shaking (you can tickle if you want...but in the real situation you may be too panicked to try to be funny) failed to wake him up, do the following.

#2: Listen to the....nose

Lift the head of the victim to open the breathing passage (hope I got it right!), and put your ear close to the victim's nose to listen for his/her breathing. If he/she's still breathing, then there's NO NEED for CPR (unless you're a perv/hamsap guy. Or girl), If no signs of breathing, next step!


#3: Pump it!

As seen in the picture above, put your hands together on the chest of the victim (place hands right in the middle of the chest, along the nipple line), lock your elbows, and start pumping profusely for 30 times each set. This can be pretty tiring. Hehe

After pumping 30 times consecutively without stopping, check for the victim's sign of breathing again. No sign? Then continue until there's a sign. Continue 5 sets of these. But according to our trainer, if you're tired you can take a rest too :P Hahah!


#4: Kiss me, kii kii kiss me

Still no signs of breathing? This is when the ultimate weapon is used.
Make sure the victim's head is tilted upward (as seen in pic above), then blow air/breathe into the victim's mouth, NOT KISS OKAY!

But seriously, you gotta breathe into it hard enough to see the victim's chest moving up and down as you perform your CPR. Not easy at all! Definitely not as simple (and romantic) as it looks!

Blogger trip to Mahsa
Mei Sze & Josh saving "Jim"!

At first I was pretty sceptical and wanted to sit out from the hands-on experience. But then I thought seriously, if my loved ones or anyone for that matter happens to need a CPR to survive, would I be able to do a proper one that could potentially save them? Hmmm.

Now that I tried it myself, and am taught the right way, I feel more confident about giving a proper CPR. ^.^V

Good stuff! Everyone should learn and try it on "Jim" at least once in their lifetime!

Now, pics with chicks.

Pretty Nadia Lum

Versatile, Multi-talented Choo Mei Sze

Amanda Liu! Check out her fashion passion!

Mandy, my long lost Modelle "boyfriend" for one of the shoots.

Girls with "Jim".

Group Pic.

A nicer version by Jason Ong.

After lunch, we were given the privilege to tour around the campus, and access places that non-students normally don't get to. Yay ;)

Some of the following photos contain body parts (fake and real alike), and might not be suitable for kids, the superstitious and faint-hearted.


I love babies, so this really got me interested.

Cool stuff, yeah?

Got brain?

How would YOU like a skull on your lecturer's desk? ;) KEWL...


Freshhh. Definitely something I don't see everyday in my campus as a mass comm student :P so many new things to see! *noob mode*

Say hi!

Now, this was memorable. This room contains preserved corpses for student's research and experiment purposes. Some of us went in to have a look, but no pics were allowed.

What an experience! Now I have a slightly better idea of what medics students deal with. Salute!


Some graphics on students' computer lab screens. Look at those terms. My, does anybody memorize those terms???

Remember when I said body parts? Real deal, yo...


This is some massive real deal! Couldn't stop staring at them for the longest time, while trying to fight my scary thoughts. I need lotsa guts, really. Medic students got SWAG!


Spot me looking all stressed out. Taken from Josh's Instagram.


Here's a cobra in the process of hardening.

Some preserved animals to wrap up my gory photo galore :P

Okay, everyone take a breather cos there's no more body parts and skeletons. Teehee.

All in all, I'm impressed by its state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate undergrad trainings, as well as their warm hospitality :)

The staff from Mahsa University College were real patient in hosting us, bringing us for tours around the best (and most interesting) parts of the campus and explaining in such detail.

Plus, it's really kind and sweet of them to present us a certificate of attendance each!

Yayyy! For the brave-hearted :P

I'mma CPR pro now, yo. *peace sign*

Even being a mass comm student who has absolutely no clue (okay, maybe a little teeny weeny bit) about Bio, I'm really impressed by the university as a whole. It's pretty huge, with so much to learn and experience!

If you're considering Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotheraphy, etc etc, do check out Mahsa University College's Open Day!

There are 2 Open Days & Registration:

1. Date: 10 & 11 Sept 2o11
Jalan University Campus

Degree Intake:
- BSC Bio Medical
- BSC Medical Imaging
- BSC Environmental Health

2. Date: 18 Sept 2o11
Jalan University Campus

Degree Intake:
- Foundation in Science
- Diploma in Nursing
- Diploma in Allied Health

What sets Mahsa University College apart from the rest is that it emphasizes on hands-on clinica training for its students, even during their first year!

Mahsa also collaborates with various foreign universities such as The University of Northumbria (UK), Liverpool John Moores University (UK) and many others. It also owns its very own Community Clinics and collaborates closely with Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.

You can find out more info at


love, careen


  1. I guess u forgot one part - check for pulse. If no pulse only pump. If got pulse no need pump. :)

    And I agree it is very very very tiring! My arms and buttocks aches after the training! In real life can take turns if tired. During training, must finish the whole set :( and reach the target (got machine connected to the dummie to see if it's done correctly or not!) - must compress with the right energy n blow correctly (air can leak fr nose if never picit enough) etc etc.



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