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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy birthday 2011, you :)

So the boyf turned 2_ on the 1st of September ;)
Due to the nature of his job, he had to be away during his actual birthday, so we waited for him to be home to celebrate this special day.

It was a blessing in disguise. Gave me more time to plan for his gifts ;)
It's been years since I last made him a card. I remember bcos I was young & penniless, I used to make cards for him on different occasions- Valentine's Day, his birthday, our anniversary and Christmas. And sometimes random cards and "coupons" he can redeem. That was when I was comparatively freer.

These days when life gets busier, we would prefer the easy way out- that is to BUY.

Make dinner? Buy.
Make cards? Buy.
Make babies? Buy.

Just kidding :)
But the latter is true to many celebrity families, no?

Am glad I made a conscious effort to squeeze in the time to make him a simple card just a day before presenting all the 5 gifts I had for him. After I was done with the card only then I realised it looked a little girlish and childish. Aih. Nonetheless, he loved it and that's all that matters :P

After 7 years of celebrating birthdays together, we can easily run outta ideas of where to go, where to makan, what to do, etc. Thank God Malaysia still has many places (especially eateries) where we can explore and try out!

Our first stop:

Aquaria KLCC!

I'm no big fan of fishies, but I've heard numerous good reports about the aquarium so we decided to checkitout!

We were first greeted by the piranhas.


These fishies are no ordinary breed man. We witnessed the piranha feeding session and thought we were watching a movie or something. They're fierce, fast and furious. *major rawr*

Sorry my camera cacat cannot really see the piranhas behind.
The point of the photo is: We saw piranhas.

Oooh then we were asked to feel this crab + spider thing (forgot the name!)
Boyf felt the crab + spider first and told me it felt like it had multiple legs. I freaked out!

After wasting a whole good 5 minutes of hesitating, stretching out my palm, holding back, (repeat process 8 times) and annoying the hell outta the guy (and the boyf but he still smiled and encouraged me to feel the multiple-legged creature), I finally gathered my guts and went ahead, because I GOT SWAG! *does hip hop pose*

The feeling was quite geli. I can now proudly tell my future grandkids that granny felt the multiple-legged crab + spider during grandpa's b'day celebration :))

I know this one! Electric Eel!
Apparently this fishie is really powerful. Can kill.

Now introducing my favourite animals/reptiles in Aquaria.


They're the cutest and liveliest creatures in the whole of Aquaria. They lived in a group of 5 or 6, and were constantly playing chasing games, wrestling and swimming with one another. Naughty and cheeky. And super cute. Makes me feel like having otters at home :)

Water Rat!

These animals are super cute! Both of em were siblings. They eat an amount of food which is equivalent to 25% of their weight. That explains the chubbiness but then again, they have really healthy diet such as carrots, potatoes, cucumber and other veg.

When the time drew near to their usual feeding time, they automatically moved near the door, expectant of their trainer. Smart, eh? :)

The most amazing feature about these Water Rats is that they have got hands with 5 fingers just like us human beans, but had feet like ducks, enabling them to swim. Amazing creation of God.

Phyton Albino!

I've a thing for reptiles.
I think they're really beautiful, and hair-free which is awesome.

Check out how fat it is!

I forgot its name but this is one really cute animal :)
It had a spacious room for it to run up and down, just like in the forest.
But then, I do feel that these animals could have been happier in their natural habitat :(

baby's 26th bday1
This is my favourite (after the otters)!

I forgot its name, but I remember it sounded something like something something Asian turtle.
Super tiny and cute with super long neck. A bit geli-looking but uber cute, no? :)))))

Now, on to the not so favoured ones.

This one is some scary white eyeball fishie with a bad figure.

head: 30
breasts: 32
waist: 32
hips: 32

No curves at all weih!

Although I have a thing for reptiles, I find this particular one evil-looking, creepy and I don't like it at all.

This is the ultimate dislike!! Yuck!!!

What the hell is this weih. I didn't even bother remembering its name. Couldn't stop complaining to the boyf just how gross these frog-looking thingy are.

I hate clowns, but I think I have a new No. 1 in my hate list.
Yerrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! ://///////

After feeling grossed out, I also felt stupid. Bcos I didn't charge my camera the night before.

So I had to take pictures sparingly. But I just had to take pictures of the ugly creepy toy frog bcos I wanna share with the world just how much I hate these yucky frogs.

Boyf: "Ahhhh....this is the tank of fishes that is really amazing. Let's take a picture with it!


Two humans but no fish. #epicfail
Felt like throwing my camera into the pool of piranhas.

Small fishies.


The glass was so clear that we could see the details on the fishies. Which was amazingly breathtaking. Helps me appreciate my Creator :)

We entered into this tunnel of sharks, sting rays, and others.
I loved the tunnel of fishies. Gotta applaud Aquaria for such facility :)


Beautiful, right? :)
P/S: Sharks need braces BADLY.

From a bottom view.

Looks a bit like Casper the friendly ghost.

Really looks a bit like Casper, dontchuthink?


Presenting you the calefares :P


Us with some random diver's armour that weighs a lot!

I look burned. #ihatemycamera



I love to observe marine life. So peaceful. With each fish doing their own thang, or travelling as a group. Love the feeling...


First, can see us, but can't see the fishies.
Second, can see the fishies, can see me too but I look burned.
Now, can see the fishies but cannot see our faces.

I wanna throw my camera away.
Any takers? :(


After spending a total of 3 hours plus in Aquaria, we watched the much-talked and raved about Nasi Lemak 2.0.

Rating: 9/10
(I admit my expectation was high due to all the praises)

In spite of that, I found myself familiar with the inside jokes, casts, culture and scenes of the movie. It was a different feeling when it's a homegrown production as compared to watching a Sporean or Hongkie comedy.

As a mass comm student, I'm always taught to analyse movies, so most movies would have their loopholes identified but for this one, it's either it's so good that it didn't have any loopholes, or I was simply enjoying it too much to even bother noticing.

Made by Malaysians, for Malaysians.
A must watch :)


Then it was dindins at El Meson!

I'm a meat-lover so I thoroughly enjoyed the food served.
Service was good. Ambience was nice. Food was Awesome with a Capital A.

baby's 26th bday

Satisfied customers :)
10 thumbs up!


Dear boyf,

To keep this short, sweet and simple,
thanks for being an angel in my life.

I'm proud to say that while most people complain about how they boyfs have become less caring, gentleman and detailed over the years, mine is only getting sweeter by the day.

I love you,
thanks for making my life so colorful :)

Your Careen.


  1. wow , the Phyton Albino scared me T_T ... nice picture by the way , the sharks ahhhhhhh omg , i needa lot courage to stand near ~~~

  2. The phyton was beautiful! The sharks were scary, but I made sure the glass was thick and solid enough before I went so near :P you'll enjoy the place!


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