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Friday, September 23, 2011

Get random with Samsung Galaxy SII!

Heard so much buzz about the new 'I Love Samsung Galaxy SII' website and decided to checkitout. Now I know why it's so much-talked about!

I personally love all thing fun & random. And I think this website carries a really creative concept on engaging its fans and allowing them to have fun! And guess what, it was only launched yesterday! Fresh out from the oven, baybeh!

Step #1: Go to I Love Samsung Galaxy SII Microsite!

#Step 2: Then Click, 'Click Here'


Samsung Galaxy SII fans can also post up videos on why and how much they love Samsung Galaxy SII!

Step #3: Type any action you want the characters to act out on the rectangular box on the bottom left of the page, and click 'Play'! See how they respond to all your funny & silly actions! ;)

play now

Step #4: If you entered an action that they did not know how to respond, you can create a 'Post Action Request!'.

post action request

Your requests will be sent in, and will appear at the 'Action Request Board'.

Who knows, you might just see your action being acted out by the characters! Let's make this fun! :)

Now I know you can't wait to get all random with the microsite!

You can find out more info and details about Samsung Galaxy SII on their Facebook Page too! Post your questions, requests, and share your love for Samsung ;)

Have fun, clickin' away!

love, careen

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