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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

20 peeps to partayy with Taio Cruz!


For those of you who sent in your entries for the Arthur's Day 2011 Exclusive Passes Giveaway on my Facebook Public Page, here's the moment you've been waiting for!

Artist AD_v3

The 20 lucky winners with the most creative/heart-warming/simple and sincere answers are...............


1. Francisca Lo
2. Chee Tung Shern
3. Daniel 'Lonewolf' Chiam
4. Christine Liew
5. Zoe Lim
6. Hock Cheong
7. Reina Lim
8. Shannon Wong
9. Melissa Shi Hui Lim
10. Kit Foong Chan
11. Li Theng
12. Arthur Rebecca Lim
13. Rosemerry Wii
14. Connie Yai
15. Arthur Cheryl Charmain Bainon
16. Jinns Deo JeVt
17. Pao Suen
18. Qer Xin
19. Arthur Sidharth Pillai
20. Dale John Wong


Now, to collect your exclusive passes from yours truly, just do the following:

Fill in these details

Blog URL/Twitter link (If any):

And send to me at by Wednesday (tomorrow) 12 noon.

Tickets can only be collected at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus (Only on Thurs), Subang Jaya or Sunway area from tonight onwards. Contact me at my email to arrange the meet-up.

Those who fail to claim their tickets will have their share given out by Thursday night!

I wanna thank all of you who gave your time and thoughts to participate in this giveaway! If you weren't chosen as one of the 20 winners, or if you missed the chance, don't fret!

Advertlets will be giving out free tickets as well!
Just do the following and we might just bump into each other on Friday!


Once again, all thanks to Guinness & Advertlets for the tickets!

Hope to get your replies soon :)
Congrats again!

love, careen


  1. Wooohooo! My name appear in other people's blog! and its in a very pretty lady's blog :D

  2. Hahah random la u :) Have fun tonight!


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