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Friday, August 12, 2011

My Watsons You Awards 2011 Journey

Before anything else, lemme first welcome you (and myself) back to my resurrected blog by giving you (and me) a welcome camho pic! *standing ovation*

Thankiu thankiu :))

So it's been a whole 1 month and 27 days since my last post (yes, I counted hehe), and a million and one things have happened that are blogging-worthy but I had absolutely no time (and mood) to blog.

It's been a struggle, really. Each time I visit other people's blogs, I'd get all inspired to blog. But when I clicked on the 'New Post' icon, I'd stare at the blank page and recall hard what has happened. To dig back all the backdated photos (that are still in my camera) and recall all the intricate details are enough to make me feel all dizzy and burned out immediately. Then I'll usually end up playing Words With Friends or Dizzy Lizards to release stresssss.

I need my blogging mojo back.

Realising the need to start somewhere, somehow, I made a promise on Twitter to make myself accountable to my readers :)

It took me 4 days to fulfill my promise anyway but *erhemmmm* THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT :)

Guess I'll never run out of things to blog about for a while as I have SHOOOO many backdated stuff that I'm dying to share!! But for now, let's continue with where we left off shall we? :)


So I was in the running to compete in Watsons You Awards 2011 Body Beautiful category, which explains the previous blog posts about caring for skin and being body beautiful (Part of the judging criteria).

Being the sweet and romantic (?) yours truly, I've decided to document and blog about the whole journey.

And this calls for a warning: LONG POST AHEAD
(With many many many pictures of my face).

Now that I'm done with my warning as well as my welcome speech,
Let's start :)


1. Bootcamp!

So after we got through the audition rounds, the Top 3 contestants for each category were chosen. Watsons & MYC! put together a really powderful Bootcamp for us finalists to better groom and prep us for the finals.

Group 1 babes: Mei Ling & Sophia
My camho aiming skills in this pic fail a bit.

We had 4 speakers to share with us their experiences in their line of expertise.

First, we had Bon Zainal, one of Malaysia's greatest fashion guru. He taught us about basic (and not so basic) grooming.

He checked through all our attire for the day, as well as our finger and toe nails to see if we had it mani-ed and pedi-ed, or simply kept it clean and trimmed.

Poor me kena from both areas as I wore my favourite khaki shorts and a very dainty vintage belt (which I lurve...), when he said a long jeans would be more appropriate for the occasion. *gulp*

As for my mani & pedi, I was found guilty for spotting chipped and semi-colored nails.
*double gulp*

He was brutally honest, yet constructive to say the least.
Learned a lot from this man. Respect!

But sadly no pictures as he had to rush off.

Next, we had a mind boggling/blowing session with Ms. Stephanie Lai.
She shared with us how to control our nerves by taking hold of our thoughts, and little things to do while your presenting, talking, walking, etc.

Social etiquette, basically.

She wrapped up the session by performing hypnotism on all of us...a technique to make us relax. I ended up feeling really sleepy. So I guess it worked? ;P

Here's the HAWT mama! She's so determined and disciplined, that you'd shudder when you find our about her exercise regime. Power maximum! *kowtow*

Group picha!

Then we had a beauty to teach us how to walk, and share her experiences about how her life took a turn after she won Ms. Malaysia World!

And she's none other than Ms. Nadia Heng! :)

I used to go beach BBQ-ing with her, along with the bf and a group of friends. *proud* :D
But that was during my puberty years. Not that long ago though :P

She's such a beauty inside out, really. You'd just be glued to her when she speaks :)

Last but definitely not the least, we had a veteran in the Malaysian modelling scene, Amber Chia to correct our walks, and teach us how to SMIZE (Smile with your eyes) *wink wink*

She's fabulous as usual. Period.

2. Community Project

Next up, all 3 groups were assigned to a shelter home each, as our Charity Project to give back to the community.

Exciting! We immediately got all our plans laid out as to what games to play with the kids, what method we should use to educate them abt grooming. We had it all set...only to find our later on that our group was assigned to Shelter 3 in PJ, a home to 7 growing, adolescent boys.

What to do with 7 growing boys?? Tough tough tough. So we asked them what they wanted us to plan for them prior to our actual visit, and they said they don't want to play kiddy games. They wanted some real challenge!

Hahahah that is such an open door for torture!

Our Fit Figure group member, Hans made the guys do all the work outs that he does every single day.

Work out on a hot Sunday afternoon? No thanks!
But they had no choice muahahahhah....


They didnt seem to be enjoying, did they? Hahaha but they stepped up their game as real men. Kudos!

It was tea-time! The boys were then treated to a yummy challenge!

A variety of not-so-nice vegs, plus some spices. *evil laugh*

Chill only man......look at that....

Still can smile wert ;)



Oh yeah, did I mentioned that they were also required to *gulp gulp* these?



The drinks were basically made out of coloring. Drinkable despite the color. But when they were told that those drink were taken outta this........................

Dirty socks, chilli, soap, etc.
....they freaked!!! hahahaha my group members come up with the meanest of ideas!

The thought of it was enough to sicken anybody.

Which led them to brush their teeth and tongue profusely, and most of them vomited :/
But of course the drinks were NOT made outta dirty socks and detergent la!

Third challenge, mouth-picking sweets outta buckets of powder. Conventional :)


I'm pretty proud of my photo-taking skills. Nais? Or very nais? ;) *pats eyelashes*


Or very very nais? ;))


After having a fun time grossing the boys out, we cleaned up the whole backyard and then football after. Which, I sat out cos I'm only gonna be a liability to my team :(

So we camhored instead :D

It was a great visit! All of us had fun torturing and being tortured, and we of course, learned how to deal with growing teenage boys better after the trip. Hahah.

All of us bought pizzas, loadsa snacks, football jerseys, cupcakes from Wondermilk (super pretty cupcakes! yummmzzz), and football for the boys. They blushed which means they were happy? Haha!

That's us (or rather just me) trying to be a RAWKERRRR! Pass bo? :)

3. Finale!

After the visit, we were only ONE week away from our finale. And in this ONE week, we gotta come up with a group performance for the finale.

Met up to practise only twice (nyehehehe all of us busy mah...), and we were all set to win the game!

Group 1, y'all...

Top 24!

Our group performance:
Born This Way- Glee style.

Jackets off!
Tshirts with our respective categories written on em'. Love!

That's me in the middle of my walk. No no that's not a pose. It'd make a really awkward one. Teehee.

And that's me smiling ear to ear for whatever reason. Heheh.

During Q&A.
I've to learn how to look better when I talk =.=





While waiting for results to be announced.
What better thing to do than to camho? ;)


And so, the results were out! And the first prize was the Best Group Award, which went to my group! Wheeeeeee :D



Subsequently, all the category winners were announced, and coincidentally, all the winners were from Group 1! It was surreal :)

Here is the very happy me :)


Group 1 FTW! :)

Post-event pictures!

With Sophia darling. She's such a beauty! A super sexy dancer too ;)

Here's the real rocker from Testify (check out his band!), Devaraj. He cuts and colors his own hair for as long as he can remember. Impressive!

Posing with my placards :)
I've a really supportive family. Thankful...

Here's my BFF/sister and her bf on her left. Sweet...

My princesses...


Charity loves to use the Fish Eye function to take pics, and then laugh at us :) Cheeky lil babe!

My ever supportive darling :)
So glad u were around dear. Love ya :)

Gladys, Pat Daboi/taikor/lady groom, and jumping Charity.

Coussie Jeff & Taikor Pat.
Thanks you both for always being soooo supportive! :)

them camho

A collage of my supporters when the show was going on. Shows how much they were paying attention to the event, huh? :P


Thanks guys :)

My family :)

My Grammy's speech:

*erhemmm, clears throat*

I wanna thank my family, my darling bf, and all of you who were there, texted, FB-ed, tweeted to show ur support and wish me all the best, and all of you who voted for me! Thanks a billion!

To my wonderful group members, it was a great journey with you. It would have been less fun without you guys! Loves.

And many thanks to Watsons, MYC!, as well as all the Bootcamp speakers who made our finale less nerve-wrecking ;)


Can't believe I'm back to blogging aft so long, finally. Phew!
Let the momentum rollllll............. ;)

love, careen

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