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Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Best Life

It's pouring heavily outside. Which makes it more inspiring to blog about this memorable weekend. A weekend I'll never forget.

Been attending City Harvest Church KL for about 4 years plus. My spiritual life, and every aspect of my life, altogether has grown and progressed so much, so far from where I came from, from where I started.

It is in this place that I learn how to love and give even more generously. A place I was learned how to be a leader by examples of my leaders in church, how to build relationships, encourage and inspire, and fully utilize the gifts and talents God has placed in my life.

It is in this place that I stretched my faith and capacity to serve, to go the extra mile. To learn the right attitudes while working and dealing with people.

It is where I discovered my ability to act, cry on demand, dance ballet & contemporary, hiphop & reggae, sing, host, write, model, and win pageants, through all the opportunity and experiences I gained through serving in various ministries.

I'm grateful for all my leaders, church and cell members. and the powerful presence of God every weekend. I can say that CHCKL has groomed me to be who I am today.

I don't know about you, but going to church week in, week out has always been the highlight of my week. I've never grown bored of it.

Aside from the fact that my church is cool & happening like that, it is the other fact that each time I step outta church, I feel recharged, and ready for the challenges ahead of the upcoming week.

With the Vern sisters. Missing the Boon :P

This weekend, 27-28th August 2011 marks the 10th year anniversary of CHCKL!

Since its birth 10 years ago, thousands of lives have been touched and changed by the God in this house. I'm forever grateful.

As usual, CHCKL never disappoints in its big day line-ups!
It was our big CHCKL 10th Bday celebration. People told me that it's grand. I don't see why it shouldn't be.

10 years is a milestone. A reason to celebrate!

My favourite CHCKL homegrown celebrity beatboxer, Shawn Lee (Check him out!).
Facebook, Twitter & Youtube him, and be blown away by this powerful "speaker"!

Entertaining and always, always improving! Proud of him!

Hymn: Be Thou My Vision by CHCKL Children's Church

The children + adult choir singing Amazing Grace, accompanied by an orchestra.
I will never forget how I felt (the goosebumps, the almost-tears) when I first heard the chorus. My heart melted straight away.

"My chains are gone, I've been set free."

How often do we always forget that?

Will Tan, or better known as VChuan 陳威全 led worship. Flew all the way back from Taiwan.
Homegrown celebrity, singer songwriter.

Not only can he sing like nobody's business, he's also very yao yeng and shuai/hensem/lengchai :))



The beautiful praise & worship.

My dear Pastor Kevin Loo.

The LED screen. Largest in Msia.
Still wow-ing me each time after one month of moving into the new premise!

Didn't take any pics of the dance performance cos it was too intense and I was too ganjeong for all my dancer friends! They did an awesome job, as expected! All the hard work, time & effort paid off. You guys are the best! Proud of you :)

The massive crowd. Hall already filled up 15 mins before service time.

My pastor's pastor. Rev. Dr. Kong Hee.
It's so awesome to hear from him again. Fiery preacher, full of conviction. Lots to learn from him!

And of course, Ps. Phil Pringle too, but was too engrossed that I forgot to take pics aihhhh...

The surprise ending number that wrapped up the whole celebration service.
An electric guitar vs. violin battle! Mind-blowing!!

Followed by the rolling credits of the entire service, thanking every ministry member & performers. Coolness overload!

And these are my princesses.
Melody and Charity sang for the children's choir :) They both woke up bright & early for both days to get me to do makeup & hair for them. Such girls!

Here's my beloved Michelle Soh who did soooo exceedingly well in the dance.
My star flyer & cheerleader! Versatile :)

My dear QQthepancake!
Classmate, CG member, and beloved friend that I hold dear to my heart :)

1/3 of my CG. (Wish I had taken pictures with everybody!)
Hahahaha we need more guys to balance the hormones! Oestrogen overload! Don't want Chronicles to turn Bimba!
These are my dear friend, Taikor Pat's......legs.



Check Chronicles out HERE! ;) He's got awesome voice. Go check out his vids!


It's been a real memorable weekend, looking forward to more 10 CHCKL birthdays in the future :)

"So far from where I've started, so free of the chains from the past.
I'm moving forward to the life that you taught me to stand inside your light
Now I'm living my best life."
Grateful to be placed and rooted in this beautiful house of God.
Love God, think others
love, careen


  1. haha.. too bad vchuan is taken~~~~ so r u!~~~~ too bad~~~~ haiih... hahaha

  2. Hahaha yeah all the girls can start mending their broken hearts :P

  3. Hello Careen, I really enjoyed reading your this posting. Very interesting.
    And you write very well, love your stylish eloquence too.
    Glad to read you have strong convictions with religion. Good for you.

    Incidentally, allow me to add, you sure got a real beautiful smile....
    that's the kind of smile can make a man forget his mother's name.
    You have fun, stay easy, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.


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