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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just gimme some candy

A casual song for a casual weekend:

Paolo Nutini- Candy

My casual outfit for the casual weekend.

Thanks to my dirty mirror, it now looks like my room is snowing and worse, like I have a big, white, round booger sticking outta my nose =.=

The weather's pretty crazy. It was raining so heavily which caused me to think twice about going all the way for a casting. Decided to cancel casting plans, and therefore I got the time on my hands to camho and blog :) it's been a while okay! *defensive*

The photos are unedited so I'm sorry for all the little eye sore bloopers found in the pics. Got absolutely no time to edit anything (besides the amateur brightness n contrast)!

Like my eye shadows? :)
All the guys (including my very own bf) would be wondering: What eye shadow??? hahah

Decided to experiment with different colors today to complement my casual mood & outfit!

Ahhh speaking of time on my hands, I literally meant time on my hands!
I've got a new accessory (a useful one..teehee) as the fourth outta 7 gifts for our 7th anniversary in November! :) *loved*

It took me a REAL, REAL, REAL long time before I finally settled for one. Am picky in the things I wear and especially if it includes lotsa money, it takes me a real long time to think and consider.

Really kesian those who goes Watch Shopping with me (like Pat & QQ, and of course the most pitiful of all, Boon the bf :P). I finally made up my mind and got one! No more watch-ful dilemmas :P

Oh! Notice my awesome hair cut?? :)
Masterpiece of my crazy & random & sampat friend, Lex Low from Cut Studio! Check out their FB page HERE!

Intrusion of privacy! Camhoring in front of people takes great thick skin & courage! This is what we camhos have to go thru to get great pics :'(

I loveeeee the simple, sleek look of the watch. Saw this at first but gave myself more options. Visited countless of shops and considered various brands but it still comes back to Swatch. Love every bit of it!

Now my favourite line is:

"Dear, ask me what time it is?"

Hahahahaha I really pity my bf sometimes....

My favourite photo outta the whole lotta camho pics.

All these years of using makeup, I've never stuck to a single brand of mascara. Always changing and experimenting which sometimes results in chucking some mascaras aside after using only once. *ahem*

Bought this Jap brand called 'Hungry Eyes' from Sasa. It's the best among the whole Jap brand lot according to the sales assistant. And so I was convinced and blindly believed.....

It's not too bad. Does its job as a mascara, but this is definitely NOT the best I've used.

Rating: 7/10, perhaps?


Okie darling is reaching soon so that marks the end of my post today and the start of a nice weekend :)

Thanks for taking the 2 mins of your precious weekend to read thru the entire post and find that it has got nothing to do with candies, and 15 secs if you only browse thru for the photos and completely ignore whatever I said :'(

You guys got SWAG! ;)

love, careen


  1. careen babe, u look so beautiful ♥ love your casual look so much & attracted by your sexy eyes

  2. Great photos don't need editing. And that's yours.

  3. [princess] thanks babe! ♥

    [keith] thanks! appreciate it :)


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