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Monday, August 22, 2011

It's a Phat Culture!

Monday Blues.

Haven't felt this way for a long time. I'm most of the time chirpy, positive and excited about life (and yes, about Mondays too).

But as I drove and was stuck in the usual morning rush hour on the way to Uni, I called the bf to chat and that always makes me feel better about the traffic. But it dawned upon me that for the next 3 weeks, I wouldn't be able to call him whenever I like.

And to make matters worse, Gladys the sis would be starting Uni soon. Which means she'll be staying in campus for a year. Which also means I won't be seeing her that often anymore.

#foreveralone :(

But as I kept myself occupied with classes after classes, and thinking about assignments and nothin else, I got my mind off all the negativity. And to make my day brighter, my photos are UP on PHAT CULTURE!

phat culture

Collaborated with one of my favourite online boutiques in town, for the first time! Owners Eliza & May have been real nice since the very start when they first approached me to model for them, in all our discussions and planning, then finally on the day of the shoot itself.

It's nice to have great bosses, isn't it? :)

This was taken right after my Lang Tengah trip, which explains the tanned skin. Kinda liked it but now I'm focusing on getting fairer! Moving on from the beach & tanning season...teehee
Their clothes have all got a touch of vintage, femininity, elegance and hotness all at the same time. Can you imagine me trying on so many pretty clothes, dresses and tops in one day? It's hard not to fall in love!

Having the first hand experience of trying on the all the clothes, I can safely say that quality is assured. The owners make their trips to personally handpick these clothes back to Msia, and some are even their very own design, tailor-made to perfection.

The prices start from as low as from RM29-RM39. Absolutely reasonable for such pretty and quality clothes!

See more of my photos and clothes HERE!

Girls, you're gonna fall in love with every piece of clothing on the site (don't say I didn't warn you!) so, save up those $ to splurge on these pretties! Make a more beautiful M'sia ;)

love, careen

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