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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Body Beautiful Secrets

Hey loves, it's been a while, huh? Finally Sem 4 is over and I now have the time to sit down and :) Lotsa stuff to update!

One of the more exciting highlights, I'm one of the Top 3 contestants for Watsons You Awards Season 4 Body Beautiful category.

We heard from the organizers that out of 4000 over participants, the Top 3 of each 8 categories, which makes it 24 of us are the lucky chosen ones out of the whole lot. Which makes me feel really lucky, happy and excited to say the least! :)

So being a Body Beautiful contestant, we're asked to share beauty tips on how to become Body Beautiful. When you hear the words, 'Body Beautiful', what ideas of beauty come to your mind?


Could it be the ultra thin beauty?

Victoria Beckham
Famous for her super skinny petite frame.
Some find this beautiful. Do you?


Or the bootylicious, curvaceous, and vivacious?


body 2

Beyoncé who invented the 'Bootylicious'

body 3
Kim Kardashian
Loved, envied or hated (by her Kardashian sisters. they always call her fat) for her curvessss.
Truth is, they're not fat. They're just well-endowed front and back *ahem*. And when you are, it's hard to look thin!

Is this your idea of body beautiful?


How about the girls who are not as well-endowed?

body 15
Keira Knightly
She's a stunning, stunning beauty, just not so well-endowed, and that has been an issue in the Entertainment industry. Look at what they've done to King Arthur's poster. Severely edited and enhanced to suit the society's idea of beauty. Keira was pretty upset about constantly having her photos edited to get her looking more 'womanly'.

But truth is, she is a real beauty with or without those graphic enhancements.

body 14


Is she body beautiful to you?


How about the tall and slim modelesque figure?

body 5

body 6

Seems perfect, ain't it?
Tall, thin, baggin' a fair size of 'boobage & bootie', no signs of cellulite, etc.

Btw, Miranda Kerr is my all-time favourite model. Love her for her cute face, dolly features, and versatility.

Is this your type of body beautiful?


What about the pretty face, picture perfect, proportionate body, BUT petite and shorter girls?

body 9
Hayden Panettiere
Many guys' dream (at least many guys I know). And as you can see she's not really skinny.
But there's a problem, she's not your typical tall All-American girl.

body 8
Standing at only 5"1, which is 155cm, height doesn't seem to be an issue to her self-esteem and career. She is much celebrated and people adore her, for her.

body 7
Ultimate girl-next-door, aye guys? ;)

Is Hayden your idea of Body Beautiful?

All the girls above all have different body shapes and sizes, weight and height, cup sizes, and if they ever stand in a row beside each other, it'll be an interesting sight of wide variety.

But there is this ONE thing that they have in common:

They're known and proud of being who they are.
Skinny, curvy, tall, short, big-breasted, flat-chested, etc etc.

That's something I learned, to always be confident and proud of who I am. Be real & natural no matter where you are or who you're with. Be comfortable in your own skin. That makes you Body Beautiful :)


Now I'm sure you've heard of this phrase:
"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones."

To a certain extend, this saying makes a lot of sense and it's true! Imagine, you're a real beauty with all the God-given goodness. But you do not trim your hair, brush em', trim your brows and other unwanted hair, make sure you smell good, etc, your natural God-given beauty will be a little hard to be noticed.

Since you're already naturally beautiful, why not make the best use out of it and enhance your best features? You only need to put in a little effort :)

Now, there are a hundred and one steps to being Body Beautiful, from skin care regimes, down to healthy diets and exercises.

Since it's been a pretty long blog post already (teehee...),
I'll only share one Body Beautiful tip today.

For blog

We'll start with the basic and the essential.
Body Beautiful Tip #1: Hydrate & Moisturise!

The SKIN is the largest organ of the human body *gasp* Oh yeah it is! Many know how important it is to care for the skin (face), but many are unaware that our body needs to be hydrated and constantly moisturised all-day everyday!

Especially in our beloved country, Malaysia where the sun is always bright and shining and most of the time, scorching! You don't have to be under the sun too long to feel the heat and sun burn. All these does a lot of damage to your skin.

And if you're like me, who cannot tolerate heat and you always love to shelter yourself in an air-conditioned room, then using a body lotion is more than ever necessary!

And if you're always busy driving around from place to place and your car is your second home, you really need to moisturise your skin, as being in a confined air-conditioned place dries your skin faster than you can ever imagine.

I use NIVEA's Express Hydration Body Lotion and it works so well on my skin.

Why I love it:

#1: It's as express as it promises to be! Being the busy bee me, express is the way to go. I don't have to sit and wait for the body lotion to seep into my skin. The moment it's applied, voila! It's well-absorbed and it stays tightly in my skin throughout the day.


#2: It's small, easy-to-carry, travel-friendly packaging. They have a variety of sizes for you to choose from. This size is for easy-travelling. You can easily slip it into your tiny girly-girl clutches and bags, and guys can even slip it into their pockets!


#3: Its fluid texture & oh-so-nice fragrance. I love that it is so easy to apply! Unlike some body lotions that turn hard and flaky after a while, this stays fluid and its fragrance is a plus, plus point!

So there you go,
Body Beautiful Tip #1: Hydrate & Moisturise.

And time to do a little campaigning. *ahem! shy*
If you love what you read and want to see me win (Oh, please do! :P), don't forget to drop me a vote at Watsons You Awards app:

You can drop a vote a day. Hope you could help me win! *pats eyelids* :))
That's all for now. Stay tuned for more Body Beautiful tips ;)


love, careen


  1. careen, share your tips and products for facial care~~ interested to know about it...=)

  2. awesome work careen :-)

  3. [suki] sure...will do one when i have the time! :) thanks babe!

    [anon] thanks there :)


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