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Monday, June 20, 2011

Body Beautiful Secrets #2: Fitness!

Hey loves!
Am back with the second part of Body Beautiful Secrets :)

Just a recap, the first and most basic Body Beautiful Secret is to hydrate and moisturise the largest organ of our body, that is our SKIN.


I use Nivea's Express Hydration Body Lotion.
Works wonders on my skin :)

Now, when people talk about being Body Beautiful, images of sexay toned abs and muscular six packs come into mind. But in my humble opinion, being Body Beautiful is not only about being muscular. But rather, it is about being healthy and fit!

Fitness is a really important part of being healthy. There are various ways people keep fit and exercise:

#1: Gym


Some people opt for gym as their workout spot. Gyms these days are awesome. They have everything you need to achieve bikini bods, and not forgetting the awesome facilities such as sauna & steam rooms (my favourite!), huge ass hairdryers, dance and fitness classes of every sort, and so on.

But the down side of gyming is that you really need to constantly push yourself, else you'll just maintain at a comfortable level. Not everyone has a personal trainer to make sure they push themselves hard in their workout.

For me, I used to do gym and I admit to giving in on days where my 'aunty' visits, or when I felt less 'gungho' or enthusiastic to exercise, and plenty of other excuses. Plus, if your gym partner doesn't turn up on that day, chances are you'll shorten your exercise duration or worse, you don't turn up too!

If gym works well for you, go ahead and have the determination to go alternate days at least, and push your physical limits during each visit!


#2: Jogging

If you're not so much of a gym person (like me), try opting for a jog in the park! :)


Jogging is one of the best ways to build your stamina and to sweat it out! It's extremely economical too ;)

But to me, it is not my first choice either due to these few (valid...hehe) reasons:

#1: Jogging around the neighborhood or park is no longer safe

Acid splashers, flashers, hamsap lous, kidnappers, rapists, etc..
You get the picture.

#2: Jogging is very dependent on the weather

Our lovely and super unpredictable weather makes it hard to plan for jogs these days. Somehow, raining in the evenings seem to be a trend these days! If not rain, it's scorching hawt!

#3: Jogging is opens you up for animal attacks

Okay so this reason may not be valid and applicable to everyone, but for people who have phobia towards animals, YOU KNOW JUST WHAT I MEAN! *Think HUGE dogs ready to devour in houses where their gates are left wide open. Period.


So what do I do to exercise?

I join Bootcamp!

Here's my sister and I after an intense round of Bootcamp.

Bootcamp happens 3 days a week, 1 hour per session, 12 sessions per package.
It consists of various military exercises from push ups, sit ups, jumps, squats (I HATE SQUATS!!!), running, sprinting, sandbag and rifles tortures, tyre-lifting, chain-dragging, etc etc..

Here's one of our very fit and cruel trainers. Hehe

Normally we don't have pictures as we usually have Bootcamp from 6.45am-7.45am and no one is willing to wake up this early to take pictures for us (huhu....), but last Saturday was Bootcamp's Bring-a-friend Day, thus visitors and the pictures :)

So for last Saturday, things were much simpler and easier as there were many new recruits. So it was sorta a rest day for us :D

We did lots (and I mean LOTS) of running back and forth carrying equipments in teams,

Here's my team :) Spot me!
We had to compete with other teams, finish as fast as we could, yet at the same time travel together. That's the tough part. That explains why we were sticking together like a worker's party ;)

After running til we almost turned pale and died, we were required to do abs exercises. I love lying on the grass doing exercises as the view is AWESOME! Blue skies and birdies flying across the sky :))

Here's the wide open field that we always have our Bootcamp sessions :)

We had water but no water breaks allowed. Must curi-curi drink water. CRUEL!

Check out all the red and burned-out faces.

These guys really make sure we push ourselves and work it, man. Which is why I love Bootcamp! Our sharp and dedicated trainers :) They know it when you do only 9 times instead of 10. They know, THEY KNOW! *crying out loud* :'((((

Some abs torture that we had to do multiple times.

The one in grey did it correctly.
The one in black at the back cheating wan :P

One hour passed by super quickly as most of the time were spent running about and making sure we don't faint and die. And we came to the favourite part of Bootcamp......the Cooling Down routines! :D

What I love about Bootcamp:

#1: Each session is different!
They're designed to build our stamina, our core strengths, and different parts of our body. That makes it interesting to look forward to Bootcamp as you don't know what (torture) is in store for you each session.

#2: Our trainers are CRUEL.
That's why I love Bootcamp! This is something you don't get when you go for gym and when you do your own exercises at home. In each session, my physical limits are pushed further than before. And before I know it, baby muscles start appearing wheeeeee!! :)

#3: Bootcamp gets me Down & Dirty!
I know I don't seem to be one who enjoys getting down and dirty with the soil and grass and worms but, I do! Although getting my clothes (and inner garments *ahem) soaked to the core in wet, damped soil, and having grass sticking all over my body can be a little yucks, but I really do love being so close to nature. I mean, how often do you get to roll around on an open field with 20 over others and not feel stupid and paiseh? ;)

#3: The Bootcampers HOOYAH!
Bootcamp exercises require us to work a lot in teams, and teamwork is always needed. Supporting and cheering each other on has become a culture in Bootcamp, and that's also something you don't get in gyms and jogging in the park.


Plus, it really strengthens bonds and forges friendship. I love the feeling of teamwork and family, and finishing the race with one another :)

Darling and I :)

Here's the crazy bunch! Life's happier when you hang with fun and crazy peeps :) <3

I can't stop laughing at this GIF! Check out out trainer walking away on the left, Jin on far right and everything else happening!

Read more about super funny laugh-until-can-die Bootcamp stories here:

#ilovebootcamp :)
Know more about Bootcamp HERE!


Now, the next best thing to do after having breakfast post-bootcamp, is to have a GREAT cold shower after that! You'll find stuff like soil and leaves and grass sticking all over your body even places you have no idea how they can masuk but anyway, it isn't enough to only shower and cleanse with shower foam. No no no.

Scrubbing is super necessary! Especially if you have sensitive skin, scrubbing and exfoliating helps to get rid of dirt and sweat from your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and clean. So scrub away!

After you scrub your skin, make sure you replenish its moisture by applying body lotion. If not, you'll have really dry skin.


Nivea's Express Hydration instantly seeps into your skin! Totally fuss-free. Plus, it doesn't leave you feeling all-sticky like how other body lotions do. It's perfect for all-day wearing :)

Remember: Hydrate & Moisturise after exercise!

Don't forget to drink lots and lots of water too!! Ultra important! ;)

Toned and fit body is not impossible to achieve. The celebrities that you see on TV and magazines, they work extra hard to achieve their body too! Nothing comes easy. So, start exercising away! ;)

So there you have it, my Body Beautiful Secret on keeping fit :)

Up next: Body Beautiful Secrets #3: Healthy dieting.

love, careen.


  1. great post :)! i feel like going for bootcamp myself now , kinda bored of my jogging/skip rope workout , bootcamp seems reallly fun!

  2. Yeah it is!! The july bootcamp is currently full already...but when the august one comes, i'll keep u posted k? ;) u'll have no problem with bootcamp!

  3. To know how to lose fat on lower stomach is first to know the limits of abdominal exercise. Burning stored fat should be the priority, and the most effective way is actually a combination of a good diet and cardiovascular workouts, like swimming, jogging, brisk walking, and even rowing.

  4. Bootcamp is so awesome! How can I join in?

  5. You can check it out and register here: :)


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