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Monday, May 16, 2011

Say Hi To HiShop!

Yes, you ;)

Been doing a lot of online shopping lately. Bags, tops after tops. Dresses I've been eyeing on and am still havin my eyes fixed on em'. Shoe sites I'm waiting to be updated. Countless!

I hardly shop offline anymore due to my day-to-day packed schedule. Juggling roles as a student while working part-time, family, church, bf, friends, etc., it is a no-wonder.

Shopping online has really made things much easier and convenient for me, and having a trusted site which is reliable and delivers well is really what makes me shop without worries.

One of the new sites that I came across lately is this!

It is Malaysia's premier member-only online shopping club which grants its members exclusive access to private sales of branded good at up to 80%.

Sounds a little too good to be true, so I signed up to see for myself. Having said that, love the fuss-free members registration procedure.

hishop registration
It's really simple. Just fill in your details and register.

hi shop activation
Verify your email and you're officially a member of!

They offer ready-to-wear garments, handbags, accessories, home furnishings and many more.

ck bags
More than 50% off normal price. Hot deals!


They even have different membership rankings, which I find pretty cute! :)
Be rewarded as you shop!


Get a better idea of what HiShop is! Watch this really cute video :)

Having your goods delivered to your doorstep saves SO much time! Imma' frequent online shopper so you can trust me when I say that!

And the satisfaction when they deliver what they promised and what you expected keeps you going back to the same online site for more. But first, you gotta find a trusted & reliable site, like HiShop.

Just like me, sign up and see for yourself! ;)

love, careen.


  1. Heheh believe it or not, I have never done online shopping before in my life...! I

  2. Yes you should! The suspense of waiting for the products to arrive is fun too :P


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