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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sally Hansen Re-launch

Used to think that manicures are a waste of money and time. Nails grow so fast and before you now it, it's time to get another manicure done cos only half your nails are covered by nail color.

But I've come to realise the importance of manicuring. Each time I get my manicure done, removed dead cuticles, smoothen nail edges, get a nail trim and get my nails properly treated with various nail protected and treatments, it instantly looks healthier & prettier.

After a while of not caring for them nails, my nails start to look worn out & dry, dead cuticles growing everywhere and, i'm sure you know what I mean.


Most people have only heard of OPI nail color, but now there's another brand which is as good, if not, better than OPI. Check out!

Modeled for Sally Hansen's Re-launch the other day, and gotten a special manicure done by professional manicurists using Sally Hansen products.


Urghhh baby hair!

Honestly, it was my first time using Sally Hansen, and I've gotta say that their products are good. Vibrant colors, smooth texture.


Girls all dolled up :)



Our job scope was to basically pose as mannequins to showcase our beautiful nails :)


Check out the custom-made PVC tops, skirts & dresses! They have little nail color holders for bottles of nail colors for VIPs & the media to take home. As many as they want.

Advantages of being in the media, really.


Megan Tan as host of the event.
I think she's super sweet & charismatic. Love her quirkiness!

Eye candies ahead!


Photogenic Diana Panda


Sweet Pinkiee Hwang


Cute Elise


Hawt Elaine Chua


Pretty Melissa Yee


Wanna have sexy, tanned legs?
Try Sally Hansen's spray-on ;)

Making my time productive while stuck at the ever-so-crazy Klang Valley traffic.




My freshly manicured nails!

Tried something new for this post, found ways to enlarge my pics as I'm tired of squinting my eyes each time I look back at my blog pictures.

Do you like it? :)

love, careen.

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