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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

When i was still fairly fairer.

My tan from the awesome Redang Getaway is recovering but I still look red & tanned. Some say it suits me. Kinda like it too but hopefully it doesn't affect my job & castings!

It's Mother's day weekend!

A time to celebrate the huge, unconditional & massive love mothers all around the world have for their children and everybody else.

Lied to my mum about working today which made her so disappointed. But turns out, I gave her a surprise Mother's Day monologue presentation at church today and she was really happy & touched :) wish I could make her feel this way every single day. Minus the tears though cos then it'd be hard on her eyes! I love my mum :)

Our Round 1 of Mother's Day celebration tonight.
Round 2 tomorrow.

Hehe daddy's so gung-ho on celebrating for mummy.
I have such wonderful parents.

Queen of my heart. Everyday.
She's really someone who's super simple, yet beautiful inside out :)

It's really a difficult & daunting task to get my dad to take a nice, proper picture.

Me: Dad, you're aware that these photos will go up to Facebook & everyone will see it right?
Dad: Huh??? *sits straight and gives a proper smile*

I love my cool & awesome parents :)

Introducing my littlest sista.
Told her to smile and she gave me this.

Me: Evangeline, smile.....
Evan: *angles face, and strikes the pose above*
Me: Smileeeeee......
Evan: *still holding the same expression and angle*
Me: Err....okayyyy.... *snaps*

Look at her Smizing away, yo....
Smize= Smile with ur eyes ;)

She's my sweet sweetheart :)

Take a time-out from your Twitter, FB and give your mum a tight hug & wet kiss today.
She deserves it more than anyone else :)

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful souls who warm the world with your generous love. Love you all...

love, careen

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