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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chief's Original Bootcamp: Day #1

Confessions of a first-time bootcamper/supposed 'bimbo':

If window shopping/actual shopping is your only exercise, you'll be able to truly identify with me.

It was 6.10am.
Thought I woke up on time as it only takes 10mins to reach USJ1 from my crib. Woke the snoring sis up, washed up, get dressed, tied up a pony tail, all ready to conquer my physical limits and resurrect my stamina.

One problem:
My pants were a tad too long. So I went around the house searching for safety pins. But I could not find a single, miserable, tiny pin in sight. Unbelievable.It was already 6.35am. Bootcamp starts at 6.45am sharp. I am so super late.

Gulped a glass of hot drink and drifted to the battleground.

By the time we reached, everyone and I mean, EVERY SINGLE ONE were already doing their warm ups and everything. Sis and I panicked and ran around aimlessly looking for a place to report ourselves. Apparently we looked like lost chicken but ANYWAY.

We were required to run 5 laps (5 or 6? or 10? lost count! the only thing that I thought abt was to stay alive), come back to our initial starting point, do push ups, sit ups, etc. By the time I was done with the torture, 5 things were running in my mind:

#1: Where did my dancer's stamina go???!!!!

#2: I feel nauseous.

#3: I wanna go home.

#4: What did I get myself into?!

#5: Wait, I really really need to puke.

But I didn't cos I was shy and my puke was also shy like me so it went back in.
Plus, I didn't know where to puke. The open field? The dustbin? The bench?

Then, God sent his rain.
I was secretly feeling happy.
Thought we could go home but NO, another 8 laps to go. In the rain. In the cold, cold rain.

In my heart I was singing,

'I know that You are for me,
I know that You will never forsake me in my weakness.'

God. Whyyy.

But anyway, drama aside, managed to finish all 8 laps with Andrea Kee, who also felt as nauseous as me.

As time went by, it all became easier.

Lookin' forward to the next Bootcamp! ;)
No, I mean it.

Here's our victory rawwwwwwr!
Ok, just me and Gladys :(

Gotta go get ready for a shoot now.
Long day ahead, but I feel refreshed :)


love, careen


  1. Hooyah!! See you on Thursday! XD

  2. This. is. only. the. beginning. hahahah.. Now you're part of the comrades!

  3. Hahahahaha! That's a super farney post! Well done! You survived Day 1 and it's gonna get better. More fun, fun, fun, fun! And I guarantee you're gonna be a Bootcamp addict by the end of the month!

  4. Well done sista! You are now officially a bootcamp comrade. Fight till the end! Haha! :D

  5. You 2 sisters are really funny and cute!

  6. HAHA i can only survived nevertheless, good job! Hooyah!

  7. BTW, it's important to eat before coming for Bootcamp but don't eat a full breakfast. 1 banana and an energy bar is good enough. And drink lots of water. Not coffee!!!

  8. Wooohooo! My blog is alive and interactive. Hahahaha thanks for all your encouragements, guys. Your support keeps me going on :) *feeling loved*

  9. get ready for bootylicious ... see u at the end sis :) keep up tht bimbo spirit sis :)

  10. Wow bro, I feel so ENCOURAGED!!!!!! Fuuuuh!!!

  11. Yeah due to 8am classes everyday!!! will resume during my 3 month sem break :)


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