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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Super short and sweet

Gladys forced me to just update my blog cos she's ashamed of having a lazy, boring blogger as her sister.

Just kidding but yeah she forced me. Okay she encouraged me to update my blog cos she feels that I'm short-changing my faithful readers who still come back everyday despite the fact that it is hardly updated. So happy whenever I see my stats that you guys are still so loyal to this near-dead blog. *tears* :')

Really don't have the strength and time to go through whatever I left off which is after CNY ( long ago), so i'll just post some of the most recent pics of yours truly. In case you forget how I look like...

Been a while since I camhored. Glad my skills are still intact ;)

Candid photos are the best. Next to my awesomely skilled camho photos though ;)

Hahah betcha missed my narcissistic antics! Will be back with more soon soon soon!

love, careen

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