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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Devilish Batwoman for a night!

It was an interesting job.
Dressed up as a Devilish Batwoman for a company's annual dinner.

We were given a room in Hilton KL to rest and get ready before the job commenced.
The room was really nice...especially (as usual), the bathroom!
Excellent lighting for camhoring! So I just had to :P

I must have been the most non-threatening Devilish Batwoman around!

Rhea dear and I.
We were so comfortable watching So You Think You Can Dance on the bed that we found it hard to get up for work!

But we could get up for more camhoring :P

Left to right:
Devilish Batwoman, Red devil, Dark Angel, Red Witch, White Angel.

Mirrors were EVERYWHERE! The food was awesome too.
Hilton KL FTW! ;)

CNY's around the corner! I'm excited for the food, food and more food :D
Of course meeting up with the family too.

Gramma's already got everything prepped.
Glad to see everyone excited :)

Have a great one, peeps!

love, careen

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