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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Backdated Posts #1: CNY 2011

For the fact that I don't have to wake up super early tomorrow,
and also that I don't have to really rush after I wake up tomorrow,
here I am attempting to relive my page :D

February's been great!

A relaxing Chinese New Year celebration with the family and bf, reasonable number of jobs, few projects coming in.
Slowly feeling the pressure but I always balance it back with excitement.
It'll all be good ;)

So let me start from where I left off- CNY!

Didn't take many photos though. The bf came for a visit!

That's me acting cute.
And that's the bf's 'Austin Powers' pinky finger.

My stoopid strand of hair wanted to leave the crowd and stand out. SIGH

Stoopid strand of hair!!?!! New parting maybe...
Love our couple chekereds :)

That's my very happy gramma with the bf :) <3

And those are the bf's clean nostrils :P

Have got LOTSSSS more to update that I seriously don't know where to start. Starting from CNY is a good start :P


p/s: Thanks for still dropping by though I'm 90% of the time absent! *mwahs*

love, careen.

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