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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Survival is a dying art

Yo, human beans :)

Did a shoot for Axe Deodorant's digital billboard advertisement.

Their theme this time around is policewomen...hahah so yeah, look out for hot policewomen going around in uniforms, giving out summons the next month ;)

Interesting to dress up, sometimes. My first time in a policewomen uniform. I kinda enjoyed it. hahah :)

Thought my mum would give negative comments when I showed her the pics...cos you know, this kinda dress-up stuff is usually perceived to be kinky. But when she saw she went, "Eh? Nice!" Well, looks like I've a cool mum!

Don't get mad when you're stuck in the traffic. There are so many things you can do! Make your time worthwhile ;) I don't have a smartphone so, camhoring makes me happy :D

Mum also said I looked kinda Japanese in these photos. Do I?

Some random, sampat guy driver drove passed slowly while I was camhoring and he laughed at me. Hmmmph :(

I didn't care I continued anyway :P

Yours truly is blogging from a pretty disturbed mode right now. No, more like confused. I feel kinda disturbed, yet, I feel happy with the knowledge I gained today.

Attended the Road Survival Workshop conducted by Capt. Bala today.

Learned about how to keep ourselves safe on roads, preventions, cures, what to do and what not to do, what to have in the car, how to help others involved in accidents, who to call, what to tell, and so many more I need to read back my notes. Hahah.

It was a real beneficial workshop, rm30 for the workshop- totally worth it. I feel that we can't be too stingy on some things in life. Knowledge such as these is priceless.

I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky, easygoing and carefree person. And I always believed that ignorance is bliss. But as time goes by, and as I see and know more of life's reality, ignorance is a bliss, still. But it could kill, too.

I really feel that everyone should at least attend this workshop at least once in their lifetime. It's a wake up call to me. Used to be super careful while driving in the early days. As time passes by, I admit I took things more lightly and presume that things will be okay just as usual.

No more texting, calling and pressing on the GPS while driving! After seeing all the gory images and videos....... *gassssp*

Be safe on the road. Be vigilant & alert at all times.
Protect yourselves, your loved ones, and other innocent drivers.

Survival is a dying art. How true...

Buckle up, even when you're camhoring. *wink* ;)

Enjoy the weekend ahead, loves!
And drive safe!

love, careen.


  1. Hahaha Careen, does that mean no camwhoring while driving too? Eyes on the road!

  2. drive safely yea.. last time i was camhoring whn i stuck in jam thn i accidentally bang to the car in front cuz i was releasing the break unconsciously!

  3. [mknace] thanks :)

    [krys] not while driving. while stuck at traffic :P

    [sharon] omg!! hahah usually i camho after i pulled my hand break :P


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