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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Of little sisters & stinko beaches!

Guess who?
An abstract & 'state of curiosity-ish' lomograph by Lau Jia Ying :P

Been spending time at home more lately, and I realise that I'm happier.

When I hang out with my sisters at home, fetching them in and out, or just being around when they watch their cartoons and DVDs on repeat (yes trust me, lots of repeat), I just feel a sense of joy & peace knowing my family is okay.

At times when I needed to work long hours, spend the whole day out in uni or run errands, somewhere in my heart & mind longs to go home to see my little sisters. Just can't wait to see their happy faces when I enter into the house :)

Prolly cos I've seen how fast Mel & Chu have grown, and I don't wanna miss out more by being away so often. Plus, hanging out with the little ones really make me feel younger (cheh, speaking as if I'm really old), as they bring out the kid in me. It's really amazing to see how funny and just, plain innocent they can be.

Drama much?

This was taken close to a year ago.
Besides the fact that her hair has grown longer, she is still this small sized! Me love! I don't want my sisters to grow up so fast!!

p/s: look at those toes. it's as if they're doing counting. hahahah!!!!!


On another note,

Was excited to go to the beach again after quite a while. But I forgot how dirty and smelly Tanjung Sepat beach was.

Had a shoot with Paul & Ronan this morning, and my dear bf who drove me all the way there in sleepy mode and tahan all the way just to have a late lunch together with me. Brought me to eat my favourite chili pan mee too :')

Seriously, the beach was so dirty & stinko you wouldn't believe it.

Picture as proof.
It was like a valley of death for dead crabs and fishes that stayed onshore for crows to feast on. Dead animals were everywhere! Not forgetting used diapers too. Yucks!!

Nonetheless, the pictures turned out great. I loved so many shots taken I feel so satisfied. All the wet & black soil on my feet and dead fish smell were kinda worth it :)

Okie...going to bed! Aimed high to sleep before 12am but so far that hasn't happened yet.

Hahah g'nites, human beans!
Have a glorious Sunday :)

love, careen.

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