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Monday, January 17, 2011

Korean dramas: Not for the busy

Korean dramas.
Oh, how they are known for being so overly dramatic, sad and emo.

I was feeling all happy and concentrating playing my Zuma Blitz in the cool morning breeze when suddenly the sad theme song of Stairway to Heaven played on TV, I could immediately feel my heart sink, and my mind was immediately distracted.

My whole system just slowed down all of a sudden. My fingers moved slower, and I found it tougher to concentrate on my game.

Mum and sisters have been following Stairway to Heaven on TV every single morning, and I'd be in the living room catching glimpses of it whenever I rest from playing Zuma :D

I have always silently believed that busy people shouldn't watch Korean Dramas. Simply because:

No. 1) Korean dramas take forever to unravel their stories.

An episode a day is never enough. There will be something towards the end of the episode that keeps you wanting for more. Then you'll end up watching a few more episodes when you're supposed to be completing the important & urgent tasks awaiting you, or sleep to wake up early the next day. It ruins your to-do-list and delays all your plans!

No. 2) Korean dramas have a way to mess with your heart & emotions

You feel all happy and ready to do whatever you need to do for the day, e.g.: doing assignments. You have everything planned out in your head, what topic to choose, what to write and how to structure your essay. You want to just relax your mind a little after a long day in Uni, and watch just ONE episode of your favourite Korean Drama before going all out to complete your work. Gung ho!

But the moment you finish the episode, your body feels all weakly, and you find yourself lazing on the couch, eyes watering, pondering about why life is so sad sometimes, and wonder if it will ever happen to you. Then, you feel all demotivated to do anything. And you just want to sleep.

No.3) Korean dramas makes you feel sad & paranoid about life

Prolly one of the requirements to be a qualified Korean drama actor is the ability to cry pitifully. The actors and actresses can cry like nobody's business man! Seriously, if you want break away from your happy & perfect life, and just want to get in touch with your emotions or explore the darker side of life, watch Korean dramas. There will be someone crying in each episode, especially towards the end. And they have the ability to somehow make you cry. Somehow or rather. It's like a spell.

And you'll start to doubt if life is as happy as it seems. You'll start to be paranoid about life, wondering when that plague is gonna hit you. Maybe there's something wrong with your life being so happy all the time, and maybe, that sad, tragic event will happen soon, and you'll start to be on the look-out for it.

Maybe...I'm adopted?
Maybe...I have cancer?
Maybe...I have a tumour? evil sister IS my evil stepsister? increasing eyesight power indicates that I might turn blind one day? boyfriend is my biological brother. (!!) biological brother who loves me isn't my biological brother after all. If that's the case, maybe we have a shot of being together!

Okay I may have sounded a little dramatic myself, but I'm only speaking from experience and observation. Korean dramas are nice to watch if you have nothing important to rush for or think about. Perfect for students on holidays and stay-home mums (like my mum).

Some of the emo Korean dramas I used to adore when I was 12.

Winter Sonata

The lead actress is beautiful. Which makes all the girls wonder why she can be so beautiful even when she's eating and crying. Very beautiful sceneries but I found it to be a little boring. And the lead guys looks gay.

Autumn in My Heart

I can cry watching every episode of it. This has got to be my all-time favourite. Though I really won't watch it again cos it makes me feel sad about life.

And my favourite Korean actor, Won Bin (on far left) is perfect. One of the reasons I loved Autumn in my Heart. Or maybe he IS the reason? :P

And here are some of the less dramatic and sad Korean dramas. These are the ones that won't make you feel miserable, but instead entertain you. But they still make you addicted and day-dream about the story so it's still not good to watch if you're a busy person!

Full House

I can't really remember the story, but I know I really enjoyed this one cos it's not the typical sad and dramatic series. Plus, it's Rain! He's cute :) And the girl's my favourite Korean super pretty!

She can look pure & angelic.

Cute & playful.

As well as hot and sexy. So chunted!

My Love Patzzi

I also cannot really remember the story for this one, but I know it was funny & really cute. Love the lead actress...she's cute as a furball!

I may have sounded like a total anti-Korean drama, but I really am not. I used to love Korean dramas so super much that I'd feel miserable and feel like life's lost its meaning if I missed one episode of it (back then we had to catch em only on TV).

But now that it's been a whole 10 years or so since I crazed about em', things are different now. It starts to irritate me with the fact that Korean dramas are draggy & slow (wasting time), and so unrealistically tragic.

Korean drama lovers, please don't hate me! Hahahaha :P
But but but, you gotta agree with me somehow? right? right?? RIGHT?!

Okie time for more ZUMA!

love, careen.

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