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Friday, January 14, 2011

Have you #tanyanajib yet?

I'm back after a day (usually after a month)! Blogging more often is one of my new year resolutions, so yeah, I'm doing great thus far ;)

Anyway, not about me today, but about our dear PM.

Am sure most of us would have known about the whole #tanyanajib (ask najib) topic on Twitter. Our PM decided to hear the voices of Malaysians by allowing us to ask him questions on Twitter with the #tanyanajib hashtag, and he promised to answer all the questions.

Some took it really seriously.

And some took it as a joke.

I won't deny that I had a really good laugh at some of the tweets. They're just plain random & lame...typical Malaysians!

However, some people were obsessed with it and #tanyanajib-ed about anything under the sun every other minute, which defeated the purpose (even more) and also spoilt the fun. It became really irritating. Not funny..

While some took it to the extreme and turned out to be offensive.

It obviously made many pissed off. I have to agree, it was really unwise and inconsiderate. Some things are just not funny to joke about.

On whether or not our PM reads all the #tanyanajib questions? Apparently, yes!

I'm not sure if he meant 'seronok' when he reads the serious & angry questions, though.

My take on this whole #tanyanajib drama is this:

I'm sure he would have expected or seen the nonsensical questions coming from the citizens, especially when most of the tweeps (tweet peeps) are younger people, so all the stupid questions shouldn't come across as a surprise.

Some would say it's stupid for our PM to invite criticism, sarcasms, and whatnot, but what I really think is, I do credit our PM for actually making the effort to do something.

Though we cannot be sure if it was he himself who manages his Twitter and does all the replies, some of us doubt his sincerity and think that this is just another political gimmick, well, at least he tries to be relevant.

I mean, if I were a PM, I wouldn't even let this kinda thing happen in the first place. I'd prefer not to have my reputation tarnished further by having my own citizens throw bombs at me. How would it reflect upon me as a PM? He, too, has a reputation to keep.

So yeah, I do admire him for at least trying to be relevant and open. Thanks Mr. PM for doing that :)

What is YOUR take on this?

p/s: I can't wait to hear his replies though. Teehee.

love, careen.


  1. our PM did answered the question already.
    Here the video:



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