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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Thaipusam!

3 most important characteristics of a bf:


The latter contributes largely to why I enjoy my 6-year relationship so much. It's like our chemistry and sense of humour is renewed every day.

There are new things for us to laugh about at/with each other. Your relationship/life is not boring. It's only as interesting as you make it to be sometimes :)

Wheee had my favourite fish & chips in town after a long while. He can read my mind on what I wanna eat! Amazing :P

This is the best shot I could get of my food.
I love this dish! The cheapest yet, the nicest of all.

healthy & gan-fei (lose weight) remedy. Yummy too!

This was a self-proclaimed lomo shot by the bf. hahahah lomo bo?

The ham-fok face.
Simple things in life like food can easily make me a happy girl :)

Had Thai food for dinner @ Sawasdee, SS15 with my dear cell group members :)

Yummmssss BUT spicy crazy!! All of them can eat spicy man...I lose flat! And I thought I improved...hahah

Chester & Andrea

Charissa & Fibiee

Jia Ying & I
She's one who can withstand all those spiciness without, get this, without water. I can kowtow on the ground and salute her man! Fuuuuhhh!

So yeah, had a nice, relaxing, satisfying (food wise) day :)
Hope you had a great public holiday and happy thaipusam to all who celebrated!

love, careen

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