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Monday, January 17, 2011

First Movie of 2011: Tron

Hey, human beans! <3
Sometimes I wish I have a room like this.
So classic & princess-y...but I bet the bf would never live in this kinda room! Hahah!

I had a great Sunday! It would have been perfect if I didn't decide to watch Tron.

Looked forward to it pretty much due to all the good reviews. But sadly, as much as I wanted to enjoy it, I didn't. It was pretty boring to me.

The front part was still okay, but once Sam entered into the tech world, it all became flat and boring. The whole movie was so slow, my gosh! And don't even get me started on how bad the acting was, and especially how the movie ended.

Bad plot, no climax. Like, wassup guys???

My first movie of 2011 some more. Disappointed max.

If the actors were good-looking, at least it could have made up for a bad movie. But the actors were so so only..

Nope, definitely not Clu...

Sam was okay. But he's inconsistent. Cute at one time, funny looking the next. Dunno la...confusing...

Looks pretty cute in this pic.

And he looked horrible here. Like, wassup guys??

I think the only thing that kept me attracted were the gorgeous babes in the movie.

No one can deny just how stunning they were man! Their eyes and face bone structure, and needless to say, super toned bodies in those skin-tight suits were NAIS!

Olivia Wilde as Quorra.


Beau Garrett.
She looked a lil like Fergie to me at first sight.

And these eye-candies only appeared like, 1/20 of the time throughout the movie. Well, it's a Disney movie afterall.

See...girls know how to appreciate beauty, and we do check girls out too okay? ;)

Oooh speaking of beauty, check this out!

Check out these gorgeous heels....super drool worthy. And guess what, it's gonna be mine soon! Wheeee!!! :D

After lookin at heels from Très Tréssors, it will give you 3 things:

No. 1) Your heart will naturally beat twice as fast.

No. 2) You'll start to be picky with shoes from other brands cos they're either not nice enough, or not high enough.

No. 3) It will attract your attention, and leave you with an unquenchable desire to buy the heels. You will find yourself feeling unsettled and day-dreaming about lookin' hot in those heels multiple times a day.

But hooray cos I'll be gettin mine real soon! Will be gladly day-dreaming til the day I wear em on. Woooots!

Wookie sleep tight y'all!
Kick the Monday blues awayyy!
love, careen.

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