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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Chronicles of 2010

What better way to start the post than to have my favourite photo of the year as the start? :)
I know most of you thought it would be another broken promise by the irresponsible blogger when she said she would blog about The Chronicles of 2010 some few weeks ago. Haha but seriously, it was no easy task compiling photos, and most of all, remembering what took place when & where, and with whom. Plus the busy schedule that still occupies me even while I'm on holiday!
2010 was a real fruitful year. It breezed by so fast that I could hardly remember what happened. Believe it or not, I actually went through my tweets, FB statuses & tagged photos as well as my working resume in my email to recall what took place. The process was such a pain!
So after ages of prepping this post, it is finally ready! Oh yeah.
New Year's Eve
Spent the new years eve at Vincent's (check out his amazing photos) with the subzone. Check out how we all looked different even in just a year's time.

Wii! Must be the crazy rabbit game. Hahah! Check out Adrian's hair (bottom left).

Boon & i :)
How come I looked so kiddy ar?

Everyone else!
Dewar's Golf Tournament

One of my first jobs.
Skinz Infinite TVC

Those are my fingers! :D
Was the hand talent for Charmaine Cheh. What an honour!

O School Dance Workshop

O School's so inspiring. Dancing is in me. Realised I'm into reggae from here :) Haven't had some hardcore dancing in a while..hmm...
Mohawk Product Shoot for Extremekars Magazine

That thing was damn heavy!

CNY Photoshoot with Shin Chan & TC Gan

One of my favourite shots.

Woooo i looked tall!

Now CNY 2011 is just around the corner. time flies!!
Hair & Makeup Ministry's Hairshow

Love the hairdo by coussie Jeff, but that marks one of the worst (not the worst. worst one will tell later) & most painful hairdos ever!! Went to the saloon to undo and wash my hair. took 2 hours and 6 people to help me undo. History-making! Hair fall was tremendous.
Wow-couture in SinChew Newspaper

Modelled for Wow-couture cheongsams with Andrea Kee ;)
CNY 2010

Baby joined my family for CNY for the 3rd time :)

We went for the river cruise in Malacca. Nice but quite smelly...

Eldest & youngest member of the family :)
Gramma & Evangeline. Hehe check out the similar hairstyle!

Cendol & Jonker with the coussies.

Met some of our coussies for the first time ever! Hahah that's what happens when you have a huge extended family.

Went to visit my gramma & relatives in JB!
Tiger year. *rawr*

Check out fatty Evan in the middle! So lost and chubby.....
Profile shoot with Baddogz Jin.

I admire all his work :)
E-night at CHCKL

A night of celeb performances. Entertaining night.
Thanks babes for coming. QQ's first time to CHCKL :)
Usherette for Southern Cable

Won the Miss Southern Cable title that night. Hahah some random pageant they organized.
MRCA-EON Bank Credit Card Press Launch Drama

First time acting in a concourse, at Pavillion.
p/s: Why am I so short?

Acted as Miss Shopaholic. Quite an experience there :)
Photoshoot at Heritage Hotel

It was so HOT inside!! Oxygen was scarce! But the pics turned out great :)
'The Final Solution' Easter Production

That's me getting into character. It was definitely one of the most stressful dramas I acted in, besides Dance, My Love. Had to cry for all 4 sessions.

Acted as the rich, bratty, lesbian daughter. fuuuuhhhh!

Things got out of control, dad the scientist injects me with the Final Solution. I became a good girl as a result, but the solution killed me eventually.

I died, and I resurrected.

And we lived happily ever after :)
Hahah it was just the summary. More to that than what I said definitely...what I said sounded boring and ridiculous. Must watch the dvd to know how amazing it was :)

5/9 of my family members :P

The cast and crew of The Final Solution.
Penang Food Hunt

Had a relaxing food hunting trip to Penang with chelle, chelle's feitut & boon (my feitut? :P).

Normal Char Kuey Teow.

Left: Ah Leng Special Char Kuey Teow.
The best I ever had. Giant prawns, extra eggs. RM9 per plate. You want? ;)
See the difference with the normal one on the right?


The frog stunt.

The shoulder-sit.

Nice sunset :)
Probably the only bikini pic u'll get of me.

Hard Rock Penang.
It was pretty good besides that fact that they kept playing pop songs. I thought it was hard rock? The whole night they kept playing Pussycat Dolls & Katy Perry. Sigh disappointment...

The company :)

It was a nice trip :)
Usherette for Ceiling Queen

First time wearing Kebaya :)
Met some of the babes for the first time..
The SAINTS Cheerleading Team

Rehearsal times. Miss it so much :(

In Asia Conference. Sleepy times cos we were really too exhausted. *slaps self*

Final rehearsal on Expo stage. Truly memorable.

Sophia could 'guitar' me! Woohoo!

SAINTS captain- Sarah Ho!

We used to always be always leading different squads. Now we got to be in the same team. Nais :) <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="">

With the Spore teams. They were spectacular. It's a huge family.
We won! Did CHCKL & M'sia proud ;)

Interview time.

Here's the performance :) *nostalgic*

Thanks Leonard for the video :)
MJ Dance for Heng & Faith's Wedding

Michael Jackson dance.
Love the yeng & manly outfit ;)

The bride & groom :)
Très Tréssors
Check out those sexy killer heels HERE!

I'm a regular customer and trust me, it's way better than Aldo even. You'll love the unique designs :) Check out the guys' Converse and stuff too!
AXE Roxing Team
Where I met these lovely babes :)
Acer Smartphone Launch at Teeq, Lot 10

One of the most relaxing jobs ever :)

It appeared in Faces Magazine.
PC Fair (II) 2010- Avira
Worked for Avira this time around.

I loved working with these girls. I had lots of fun :)
Shu Uemura Makeup Shoot, SISTERS Magazine
I love Shu Uemura products! Love the makeup artist too :)
Extremekars Magazine Shoot (Sept 2010 isuue)

Subzone Leaders Retreat to Malacca
It was a nice, relaxing, eating, random, sampat, laughing & sharing retreat :)

Jonker <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="">


LOL @ pat! He was hungry :P

Fuuuh! Vincent Cheng is awesome! I love this laughing shot of myself. I really laugh this hard all the time huh?

Jesus loves the little children. Get the picture? Hahaha!!
Pastor Kevin's 80's Style Birthday Surprise

The jocks!

The Subzone.
Toni & Guy's Graduation Hairshow

All for Albert Koh the buddy! I love the hairpiece (done by albert) but it was so heavy!

Circus themed.

Emceed for JCM's Charity Concert Dinner

I remember Charity the sis saying,
"Hey, Charity dinner! So when is Melody Dinner?"
Hahahaha funny kiddy moments to remember :)
Assignment Crazeeeee

How can we forget the assignment craze?
Beauty Expo 2010, KLCC

Had one of the most interesting experiences ever. Wearing only a bra tube and safety pants, braved the full blast aircond in KLCC and the frozen sprayed paints all over my body. Just for this Qipao look-alike. Hated the process but I love the outcome :) Felt so wasted when I had to wash it off.

Pretty amazing, huh? Amazing work by the artist.
Joico Hairshow

Okay this is ze most painful hairdo EVER.
Why? Cos firstly, the process of putting my long and thick hair into tiny curls as pic shown above was painful enough, having to sleep (and brave through assignments that very same night) with those few hundred tiny little curlers was a pure nightmare.
Can you imagine how I slept? Cannot right? Yeah I didnt sleep much. And I remember waking up with my front teeth aching. So yeah I think I slept on my front teeth. How else to sleep?
The curlers were only taken out 15 mins before the show, where the stylists were basically ripping them off my head. First time crying at work. *paiseh* Tears were sent uncontrollably down my face. Too painful to bear. I think can compare with childbirth.
Hahaha okay maybe not. But yeah imagine 6 male adults ripping those stubborn curlers off at a brutal & rapid speed. Seeing all my hair stuck on those curlers as they throw them into the basket in front of me was no joke. They understood why I cried. Who wouldn't?

Turned out to be pretty glam. But I told myself, no more hairshows for me. Will leave the rest to earn the money.
The Adelaide Herald
So we were required to design a newspaper front page with InDesign for NDPW Assignment 2, and here's mine :)

If you see this paper on the newstands, will you buy it? :P
I'm actually quite happy with it. Hahah designers please don't crush my self-esteem and laugh at me. I'm the ultimate noob when it comes to techy, designy stuff. Just close one eye k? :P
Visitation to the Special Children's Home

I love children. You would see my head turn when I catch a cute baby nearby. Not just cute babies, make that any baby. My heart breaks when I see babies born sick and disabled physically/mentally. They're not even given the chance to live life, to live to their fullest potential.
We're born normal and healthy, but most of us are wasting our lives away. Don't do that. Remember we're privileged to even have another day go by smoothly. Be thankful and make the best out of your life :)
Prudential's Award Night, Genting.

Thank God it wasn't too cold. Those long sleeves weren't good enough to shield us from the cold breeze in Genting. Interesting job...we were given the time to nap. Hahah!!
Fisherman's Friend TVC
Juliana & Jeany! Fun babes :)


Heard from my family that it's already shown on TV (I wouldn't know cos I don't have the time to watch TV nowadays). So do check it out! :)
Office Makeup Shoot

One of the best makeup artists around. Such fine work by her. Oh yes, a model can tell a good makeup artist from a bad one. Details equals excellence. And knowing how to enhance your features, that's a good MUA.
Four different looks for the day. It was an eyelash shoot.

Office products are not bad. I recommend the mascara :)
DG Color Model Search 2010
Came across the search on Facebook, and decided to give it a try. Since I've friends who preciously participated before, and since it was not just any one-day pageant, and also since we weren't required to wear bikini (very important), I decided to give it a shot.

Concept shoot 'Recycle' at some wood factory by Baddogz Jin.

It was a messy & dirty affair. Mud were spread all over us to create the dirty effect. I love the outcome!
Other visits

Aww.... :)

My dear supporters :) <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="">

First outfit: A DIY air-stewardess themed outfit by the parents. They worried about that outfit so much and my dad even sewed my little hat for me. Love them so much...
Second outfit: Signature dress by Bella :)

Last outfit: Wedding dress by GTC Bridal
Thank you all who voted & promoted for me to win Miss Popularity. I didn't in the end.. walked away as Miss Photogenic instead :)

It was a memorable night.

All who came to support me. Lovess.... <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="">

My ever-supportive family <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="">
8-page Fashion Spread for Seventeen Magazine

The shoot was held at Fullhouse, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. was a house literally!

All dolled up! Not the usual, tank top, shorts & flip flops me. But I liked the change ;)

My favourite meal in Fullhouse. Always order the same thing. I'm such a bore!


My partner for the shoot. It was a Valentine's fashion spread for Feb 2011 issue, which explains the sweet, lovey-dovey looking outfits :)


Joy! :)
State of the Arts KL (SoTA)

Backstage with Alexis Gan Wan Chean, Ah Boy & Shaboon :)

Emceed for the State of Talents competition with Sung the Johnny Bravo!

This little boy won the rest with his mind-blowing chinese yoyo performance, walked away with RM1500 CASH! WOW.
Monopoly Deal Craze

With QQthepancake.
This was the season when the Monopoly Deal addiction started. And it has not ended yet. Don't think it will be anytime soon. *evil laugh*
Caster's 21st Birthday

Schoolgirl themed birthday party.

Duta Vista Executive Suites. Nice place to just hang and partay with friends.
My 21st Birthday
He purposely brought me to Murni for supper a night before my birthday. I already suspected there was a surprise :P
BUT, i didn't think it would be at my house. Thought they'd surprise me at Murni instead. Hahaha so yeah I was surprise :)
Thanks everyone who made it a point to come :) Love u all...
On the day of my b'day, I was princess for a day :)
Went for a full body massage, mani & pedi, hair wash, etc etc. It felt so clean after the pampering session. Hahaha :P

Got milk?
My mummy who brought me up so well..she's a model mum. The perfect mum. She's like my BFF whom I can tell anything. Was so hard for me to keep it from her even when I just got together with Boon :P
Without her, I wouldn't have lived a blessed, happy & fruitful 21 years on planet earth. Of cos, not without my dad too lah! :P

Tenji for dinner!
My bf, whom I've been together with for 1/3 of my life. Woo that's long! Hahaha you're my amazing angel :)

My family <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="">
Mirrors Magazine Beauty Shoot with Baddogz Jin

Behind the scenes

In the mag :)
Modelled for Wow-couture & Très Tréssors in a MOFEW event

I loved the ruffled cheongsam, and the gold gun heels!

Usherette for Amberly 2 Launch, Rawang

Pretty Sabrina!

It was also a relaxing job :)
E11 Cell Group Leader

I was promoted to be the CG leader of E11 :)
And I don't understand why this picture was chosen to be on the church bulletin :P I looked hideous :(
E11's First CG Outing

Had dinner at Tbowl & watched Megamind :)
Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow 2010
Worked for Mitsubushi as their show girl. It was a nice experience. Loved working with them fun-loving and crazy peeps! Here are some of the photos :)

The babes of Mitsubishi.

With Carmen from Mitsubishi
Pins & Needles Christmas Production
Acted as Lady Gaga

First time singing & dancing live. Now, I admire Lady Gaga for singing & dancing live and still is amazing! Not easy at all!
Broadway dance!

Mary Poppins.

Thanks to all my friends who made it to watch. Glad u enjoyed :)

Eugne & gf! Thanks for coming :)
Emceed for Everlast Beatbox Competition 2010

Hosting a beatbox competition is interesting. Everything is random! Hahah but it was a good experience :) Beatboxing is such a skill!
Jorida's 22nd Birthday Party

The famous Watermelon Slush.
Am not an alcohol lover so it was just okay for me :)

I kinda like my hair in this picture :) hehe

Sexay dancer babes! I miss dancing wild with you girls :( We shall try out the pole at dance room together!

Birthday babe in the middle! We love & miss ya, Jorida!
Hypertune & Shift Magazine Shoot

I love wavy hair...

My dear who accompanied me :)

An apparently accidental shot by the bf. Not bad right?

Comin out in Jan 2011 issue :)
So there you have it, The Chronicles of 2010.
Of course those were not all that happened. Left many things out cos
no. 1), I can't recall, and
no 2), I don't have pictures. Hahah!
2010 in a nutshell was fruitful. Yeap, that would be the appropriate word to describe it. The year was packed with so many things, yet, these things are experiences that enhance my life as an individual. None of it went to waste. Learned a lot. Achieved a lot. And the best thing is, I got the best results thus far. Never been so happy with my results before :)

So 2011, I'm looking at achieving even more. Going to new heights and experiencing new things. It's gonna be great :)
Have an amazing year ahead, dear readers.
I will make it a point to be a more responsible & active blogger :P
love, careen.

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