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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Beach shoot at Tanjung Sepat last weekend.
Thank God pictures turned out great...cos if not then it wouldn't be worth the smell & dirt (and corpse) on the beach :P

Went back to Uni to have a discussion with the student event advisor and the videographer for Taylor's Orientation Video. Am selected as one of the lead presenters for Taylor's Orientation Video. The video will be introducing the wide array of facilities in Taylor's Lakeside Campus to new students :)

Now that I have a car, I finally know just how frustrating driving to Taylor's can be.

Drove around the basement car park, open carpark, and more open carparks to find a decent parking. And boy was it hard!! There are many car parks, but way too many students & way too many cars. Managed to find one after 30 minutes of driving around. *sigh*

Decided to rewarded myself with a BBT (Bubble Tea), and since I haven't tried the Each A Cup in college, decided to try their Honeydew Milk Tea.

There was only one miserable worker handling both the cashier and making the drinks. Seeing her juggle everything at one go was pretty stressful already. Hahah anyway, while waiting for my drink, I noticed a really nice view that caught my attention.

I have never seen such green pastures in Taylor's before this. 2 months of being away and the grass grew so fast? Haha

And I don't even know what place this is. Random place with nice grass.

Seriously super green & nice, no? Can play golf already!

Many customers + one worker = super long queue

Anyway, conclusion:
Honeydew milk tea = Not nice :(

Will stick back to my Malt Milk Oreo the next time!

MV Shoot with 汤小康 Xiao Kang

Played the part of a cheerleader again. Haven't done all the cheerios stuff after so long, I was seriously karat to the max already!

Xiao Kang- super down to earth singer & songwriter.

The way guys warm up.




Emelia Attan!


The makeup makes us look so dolly & barbie-ish. Plus the stars, we looked like living cheerio dolls!

The team with the star!

Xiao Kang's signature pose :P

Now I'm suffering from massive muscle aches all over. Sign of old age, perhaps?

No, maybe just sign of laziness. Haven't been exercising and stretching like before. Not good, not good.

Catch the music video when it's out! :)

love, careen


  1. Ooouuu I love each a cup bubble tea! Haven't try the one in KL, i <3 the one in Spore. Is the one in taylors campus the first one in KL ah?

  2. Hey tiffanie! :) Nope i dont think it's the first one..they already had one open in pyramid pretty long ago :) yeah i love it too! finally Taylors has BBT :P spore's KOI bbt is awesome! have u tried?

  3. love ur pics!:)
    wt lenses r u wearing for d AXE billboard ads btw?:)

  4. hey there! i'm wearing freshlook's grey lenses :) and thanks dear!


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