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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Live, love, laugh.

From where I left off previously- DG Color Model Search 2010.

Lurve this Recycle concept shoot by Baddogz Jin! He's real creative no joke! Go check out his art on his website.


And on the Finals itself.
These are some of my favourite photos :)

Dad & mum helped me cut, sew and put together my DIY air-stewardess themed outfit. Love them loads. They're so amazing.

Second outfit by Doho Showroom. Lurve the outfit!

The last outfit- Bridal Gown sponsored by GTC Bridal. Nais!

*heart* this photo!
I walked away with the Miss Photogenic Title that night :)

Learned and had fun throughout the whole experience.
Met some really nice babes, and old friends.

Renee, Sophie, yours truly & another Renee :)

We were also trained by some of the experts in the industry.

Eloise Law
Winner of 'I want to be a Model' Season 1.
She's soooo nice, humorous and frank. She has no problem pointing out your weaknesses. I love frank people.

Philip Law
No, I don't think he's related to Eloise.
Haha our catwalk guru and choreographer.

Miss World M'sia 2008, Soo Wincci shared her experiences and prep-talked us. She's so real and beautiful. Love her!

Now, who said Malaysia doesn't have talented people? We just don't know. And most of them are just an opportunity away to shine. I'm proud of my country's talents :)

The experience is definitely more valuable than the prizes.

A million thanks to those who went to support and cheer for me like mad men and women. I appreciate each and everyone of you, beautiful souls :)

love, careen.

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