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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Live, love, laugh

It's been more than a month since I updated! Admire peeps who religiously blog in spite of their hectic schedules. *salutes* Am not committed to my blog enough...maybe we should consider a break up. Hahah.

The whole assignment-crazy season is now over, and sem break has just started for a few weeks :D 3 months of freedom, building relationships and just holidaying away. Nais! :)

It's already the last month of 2010. What have you done in this year? :)

While we all want to achieve our goals and targets set for the year, reach greater heights in life and make full use of our time, we mustn't forget to enjoy the process of life.

Live life slowly whenever you can find time to. Or rather, make time to slow down.

Life's really too short to rush thru it and not taking time to love and enjoy. Learned this by seeing what's happening to people around me.

People pass on too fast, too sudden, too many.

Life's too short for us to be uptight and anxious all the time. Stop worrying, stop frowning, stop infecting others with your negativity and complaints! Stop thinking too much and just have fun!

Laugh at yourself, laugh at others, laugh at things.
Watch NigaHiga.
Dress up for Halloween.
Go on a hot air balloon.
Stick your toes in the sand.
Bathe in the sea.
Stare at yourself in the mirror (we don't even have time to look ourselves in the mirror these days).
Listen to Olivia Ong.
Listen to Sam Tsui nonstop (ok that's just me).
Dance like a mad man.
Watch Broadway shows.
Turn off that iPhone, BB, computer.
Talk to somebody.
Eat good food.
Sleep enough, but don't sleep your life away.
Travel out of your own city and country.
Make plans for holidays.
Try something different; something new.
Hug your loved ones.
Drive slower.
Feel the rain.
Touch a dog (for my case cos i have phobia towards animals. hahah)
Spend money on people around you.
Relive the culture of giving on CNY, C'mas, birthdays.
Look people in the eye when you talk.
Listen to the needs of others around you.
Accept people who are not the same as you.
Work for a job that you love.
Wear comfortable shoes.
Dance in your room.
Sing your lungs out (not until like my neighbour tho)
Snuggle in the blanket with your hubby or wife.
Sleep in between your parents for fun (i do that :P)
Smell the flowers.
Read a book.
Read your Bible.
Care for your skin.
Choose a scent that represents you.
Carry a baby.
Think others.
Thank others.
Thank God.

I may sound like a nag, a nanny in her 80's, or a motivational speaker. Hahah! But really, I mean whatever I said.

God didn't put us in this life to rush. We're only here for a maximum of say, 100 years. Live it well, be excellent, and enjoy the process.

Many die of pressures and stress in life. I don't want you to be another.

Live, love, laugh.

love, careen.

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  1. yes achievements are good. but at the end of the day, what really matters is relationships. i will strive to love all my subzone members, including u sis (:


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