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Monday, November 29, 2010

2191 days

On November 29, 2004, a guy and a girl walked into the cinema single, and came out attached
(with Gladys and her friend in another cinema but that's a totally different story altogether).

'The Incredibles' (i know right? of all movies) was the movie we tried so hard to concentrate on, while in the midst of negotiating with his proposal. I for one cannot go with the 'I don't know, I think we're attached?' style. It just doesn't work for me. I need an official 'moment' where I can be sure that when I say yes, I won't need to doubt if it's a yes to the right question, or I'm just plainly embarrassing myself.

I need that 'moment' where I can look back and smile at (or have a good laugh at, like this one). Yes, I am so like that. And yes, I decided to be so brutally honest and open for this blog post. Whereas for him, he had asked a million times but I just couldn't get myself to say yes immediately.

when i was much younger. when makeup & hairdo were alien to me.
was already a camho queen since young. now that wasn't alien to me at all :P

Maybe because I was afraid as I was only a young 15 year-old gal, and the trouble I would get into when my parents find out scared me?

Or perhaps it's because it was my first time encountering such things. Maybe I didn't know how to handle the whole awkward situation. Yes, he was my first love.

Just getting a 'yes' from me took almost the whole movie (and an entire year for that matter). Not that I didn't like him, don't get me wrong. It was just me. I just wasn't brave enough to say it. Then he came up with a brilliant idea. Since I just couldn't reply him, he suggested that I give him a gesture to indicate if it's a yes. To think of it, we were really quite wu-liao. Anyway, the gesture was to touch his hand and he would know the answer (hahaha omg it's so funny why was it so difficult???).

So I gathered all the strength and courage I had, took a deep breath (drama drama), lifted my hand and briefly (very briefly) touched his hand (it was so dark I thought I couldn't find it..what if I actually touched the seat instead? So malu!), and immediately he held my left hand tight, and never let go since. We walked out of the cinema holding hands, greeted by the very excited Gladys Tan.

So that's how we got together.

The Incredibles.
A whole movie-long negotiation.
A funny way of saying 'Yes, I wanna be your gf.'

He was a very brave and persistent guy. First, he had persistently waited for me to finish my exams (PMR). Though in the middle, he took every opportunity he could find to try his luck, hoping I might say yes earlier than I had planned. He waited for more than a year for me...just because unfortunately, I was that much younger than him, and I was still a baby.

Secondly, I was his pastor's daughter. Dramaaaa. Can make movie already right? Hahah.

The whole saga of how adults object out relationship, parents putting strict, impossible rules (where Gladys Tan came into the whole picture sighhh), concealing it from busybodies, issues after issues, etc etc etc.

Now, it's been a whole 6 years. Life's not that tough for us anymore. My family loves you, your family loves me. Long passed the stage of having to conceal or guai-guai-shu-shu paktoh. We've progressed and moved to a more stable and comfortable stage. And I love how it is. Your baby has finally turned 21. Not a baby anymore :P

When I was 15.
Our first trip to the beach after we got together.
Bagan Lalang :)

Dear, from the age of 15 til now 21, I've changed from being a girl to an adult. A shy, fat, and ugly duckling (which you always beg to differ), now I'm a much more confident and self-assured individual..not afraid to speak my mind. You were a hardworking and brilliant engineering student who had to travel back from your Uni in Perak every other weekend. Now, you're a successful engineer.

how did i look with short hair? :)

Look how we've grown together..back then, we could only afford to sms, and go dating eating Mcds.

Now I'm driving around with the GPS you bought me. Calling with the bills you're paying for me. Shopping with the money you insistently give to me.

You're a huge part of me. My life.

You bought me my first, officially-mine brand new phone (wayyy back!), my first laptop which I've been using to brave through assignment storms and to score good grades, my first Ed Hardy top, my first pair of boots, my first real and expensive ring (that I lost in Vietnam toilet!!!), my first thumb drive, my first bouquet of flowers, amongst many others.

You helped me download all my favourite reality shows and series, compile them nicely, and I'd anxiously wait for you to bring it back from your Uni. And then you taught me how to use Bit Torrent (hahah!).

why my face so swollen last time ah?

Now, you taught me how to drive and park properly, bought me my first Touch & Go card, pumped all my petrol for me, taught me how to pump petrol (until now I haven't pumped my petrol by myself yet. you always did it for me). Now I'm confidently going for interviews and castings and photoshoots all by myself...because you were there with me from the start.

I still remember the first time I met your parents and relatives, and vice versa. I remember our first holiday trip with friends to Cameron, our first overseas trip to Vietnam, our first drama production together, our first time being in the same cheerleading team, our first time dancing together (was it even dancing??? more like cacat ballroom dancing. so awkward! if you still remember. test you later :P).

Even way before we were together, our first movie together (The Wishing Stairs. Hahah!), our first wedding together, our first youth camp together (where it all started), our first Christmas together (where my gift was different from everyone else's woohoo..).

You were a big part of my life, you are, and you will continue to be.

Emerge 2007. Beauty Pageant prelims.
first time with full makeup. wait, not even full. it was not even thick!

We met in church, been going to church together, will get married in church, and live the rest of our lives going to church together. I love that :)

On my 21st :)

Cheers to the rest of the exciting, love-filled years to come, dear. You're more than I could ever ask for. My life has been beautiful because God placed you in my life. My life would have been so colourless if you hadn't arrive.

You bring out the best in me, like no one else can do. That's why I'm by your side (partly), that's why I love you.

And I am who I am today because of you.

Happy 6th Anniversary baby dear. I love you <3


  1. this is a really, really sweet post. :) reading through the incredibles thing, too cute. haha.

    well, here's to many more years ahead of the two of you! x

  2. sweet! my first time here at your blog, careen :)

    many many happy years ahead to you and boon hock :) send my regards to him too i think we've lost contact for about .. more than 10 years? ( oh i met him once in puchong that costume rental place!) haha see you two soon :)

    -kj aka khaijia-

  3. looking forward to your wedding!! =D Very very nice post btw =)

  4. 2005-2010 is just 5 years?

  5. [sarah] hey sarah! thanks dear...same for you & Jan too! :)

    [KJ] hi KJ! thanks so much..and sure i'll tell boon you said hi :)

    [joshua] hahah thanks joshua :) my wedding not so soon!

    [anonymous] ooh yeah you're right..stated wrongly! it's 2004 :) thanks for pointing it out!

  6. Careen! I just found your blog! This is such a sweet post. :) You two look so strong together. I have never seen any other like that. :D

  7. hey siew lee!! aww really? :) thanks babe...ur too kind :)

  8. so sweet lah u two!

    six years! can get married edy!

  9. *applause* *standing ovation*
    This is simply soo sweet ! Good to have finally know your love story. Upon reading your post also reminded me of how the careen I used to know. Man... time flies !

  10. Hahah thanks bro :) Yeah time flies! So how was the Careen u used to know? hehe


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