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Friday, October 15, 2010

Love, soft as an easy chair

Love, soft as an easy chair
Love, fresh as the morning air.
One love that is shared by two
I have found with you.

- Barbra Streisand

i have changed as an individual over the years, and am still changing.

but one thing remains the same, that is my love for oldies. the songs carry meanings that modern songs simply fail to. it's so priceless :)


oh, we've got a new camera finally. hahah thought i'd resume my camhoring business once i got hold of the camera, but i haven't found the time to indulge in my narcissism as yet. hahah! :P it's pretty sad. but yeah guess life is made of more important things yeah?

that does not mean that i don't camho anymore. i still think it's such a skill okay. no no no...will still be a camho queen at the age of 90 :P

it's a really pretty and sleek camera. canon ixus 130 i think. hahaha! can never get the names right :P

love the small and handy, and sharp!

these are the pics taken by the camera.

pretty melody :)
she needs to say 'goodnight dajie, i love you so much' and give me kisses before going to bed :)

beautiful charity :)
she's just sooooo adorable, naive, innocent, pure, and angelic. so tender at heart :)

cheeky evangeline :)
like how i always say, she's an adult trapped in a baby's body. think benjamin button. haha!! but really, she's so smart and cheeky, sometimes it's really an entertainment watching her behave. like watching animal planet. interesting!
oh, it has fisheye effects too! how cool!

will find the time to update my camho folder soon :P


did a TVC for Fisherman's Friend the other day...featuring Afdlin Shauki.

juliana, jeany and i on the set.

shan't put up the rest of the photos til the commercial's aired.

do look out for it! :)

now time for some peace and quiet, and exploring PPS time :P

have a terrific weekend!! :)

love, careen.

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