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Saturday, October 23, 2010

I can really use a wish right now

hellooos :)

after the assignment craze, yours truly had been busy w 'trying' to attend morning classes, interviews in betweens, and everything else.

without a car, things are realllly inconvenient. hoping for a car soon, whatever car i dont long as it's not manual :P and does not have a huge ass like my daddy's car..bcos my parking is that horrible. only QQ knows how bad my parking can be :P

daddy's been driving me around so much lately. we can travel from one end to the other of Klang Valley just for interviews. my dad's so sacrificial :')

that also explains all the camhoring in the car :) cos that's when i'm absolutely free and can't do anything else than to sleep. so when i dont sleep, i camho :P

and that's the only time i can camho too! if you realised, almost all my camho pics these days are taken in the car..with the seat belt on. haha! will definitely have more time when this sem finishes :) which is soon. scaryyy.

got a hair cut. love the layers and shape! by Lex Low the great. awesome fren & bro!


worked for Prudential's Staff Appreciation event in Genting GICC & Arena of Stars.

even the Genting weather wasnt too cold :(
but muchhhh better than KL the oven!

lunch buddies at Hot Pot, First World.

all of us had tomyam for lunch! :)

tomyam lovers <3

a just-woke-up pic. had a long break and we took out much needed power naps :P

yumi dear :)

with abby :)

carol :)

cherry, elaine & abby.

pretty elaine :)

quincy liew aka chinese version of siti nurhaliza :P

gorgeous yvonne ng :)

group pic :)


attended a catwalk training session with Eloise Law.

she's the winner for I Wanna Be A Model Season 1 :)

she's gorgeous.
she gives very detailed & constructive comments, a very real and humorous person :) learned so much!!

another day of catwalk training for DG Color Model Search 2010's Final tmr. a long weak ahead!!

do come and watch the finals on Oct 29, Fri 6pm at Mid Valley Exhibition Hall if you're free! :)

til' then. tata! :)

p/s: i miss NBH :( pls pray along with me that he comes back sooooon...

love, careen.


  1. hey careen, i really love your grey contacts! whats it called? :)

  2. it's a grey-colored freshlook lens :)

  3. Wheee.. And You WON !

  4. hey darl...

    could you do a video on how you apply your make up...pls preety plss...=)

    i really love your make up n would wana learn..
    tried n still could not achieve it...=(


  5. Wow! I would love to see a zoomed in photo of your eye make up. :D Love it to the max! How you apply make up, you look so perfect :D


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