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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DG Color Model Search 2010: Visits to Yume & Angels Home

g'day, guys :)

been sick for the past few days and still recuperating..but am getting better :)

daddy installed UNIFI today! superrrr fast internet speed.

no need to wait for Youtube to load, and Blogger to upload pics. which explains why i'm updating tho i've tons of assignments at hand. don't think this update will take me more than 10mins. awesomeee...


the DG Color Model Search 2010 finalists visited Yume Jewellery at Tropicana City last Sunday. here are some of the pics :)

Yume jewellery's from Taiwan, and they're really pretty.

i personally love the necklaces, bracelets (cos they're made for petite girls like me with tiny wrists!), the couple rings, as well as the pinky rings (pinky rings are for the fifth tiny finger..hehe)!! OMG how often do you see pinky rings around ??

renee hong and i :)

yes, it's all my pics cos it's my blog :D
overall, Yume caters for girls who love all things pretty. will get myself a pinky ring soon! :D


after that, we visited the children from Angels Home in OUG.

these children lost their parents in accidents and all. thus, they're more mature and the way they communicate with us was very different. there's a certain confidence and assurance that they have. probably it's cos they have really really good caretakers :)

she taught me how to do a dragon. hahahaha!!!

sara and i with abby :)

the kids and us :)

we'll be having an outdoor shoot with Baddogz Jin this sat. can't wait! :)

okie back to assignments. and yes it didnt take me 10 mins to do this :P

*group hug*
have a great mid-week! :)

love, careen.

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