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Saturday, October 2, 2010

*breathe in, out, up, down*

hello dear readers

i'm still touched and really amazed that you still come back and check my blog out even tho it's been ages since i last updated and cobwebs have even started to dominate this space! *tears* :')

been real busy during my absence. occupied with the usual assignments, jobs here and there, baby's homecoming (teehee..), church and family commitments, etc.

finished some of the headache assignments and presentations, and just came home from moral midterm exam. moral...*sigh* i dont wanna get started complaining.

so now i'm just taking a breather, taking a good and close look at myself, attending to my beauty needs (you have no idea how much i've abondoned these cos of the assgs!), while updating my ancient blog :)


latest and most IMPORTANT and most DRAMATIC and most SADDENING and most HEARTBREAKING and most 'SAM-THONG' update ever in the history of mankind:

Ng Boon Hock went to work. far far away..... :(

it's only been like what, one week precisely? and it feels like one hundred thousand million gazillion brazillian years.

i know i sound dramatic (but i know you love me for that hahah!!), but seriously, this time it's so difficult cos of the difference in time zone (8 hours difference). when he wakes up, i'm halfway thru the day. and also bcos we cant msg and call cos he's like, three-quarter across the globe somewhere near Sahara (i'm not gonna disclose the details cos i'm afraid you'll kidnap him!).

and latest update says that he'll need to stay for another month or so. OMG :'(

can you guys like, form small prayer groups to help me pray that somehow he'll come back sooner? :D hehehe....thanks guys :P

thanks to Delv's broadband. cos...

no. 1: i can do my assignments at home, and bcos of that i can pass up on time, and bcos of that i can graduate, and bcos of that i have a degree, and bcos of that i..... *fades out*

no.2: i can communicate with Ng Boon Hock. omg i feel this is even more crucial than my assignments man! (dont let my parents know :P)

and yeah my Internet at home just HAS TO get strike by lighting when i have truck loads of assgs =.=

okay okay off topic!!!

this is how we show our love to each other:

"may the force be with you...."

and this is our latest picture during steamboat (which i only had soup and seaweed. omg no more steamboat for me! wasting money) before he left :)

sorry jeff!!!! :P


other updates:

HD Makeup Asia Launch at Beauty Expo 2010

worked for this event under the body paint category :)

as much as i lovedddd the experience and outcome (i mean how often do you get yourself painted into a Qipao?), the process was a torture.

never shivered so uncontrollably in my life before. aircond backstage was full blast, was only dressed in teeny tube and short pants. got airbrushed countless times for the base, the foundation, the color, and the touchups. was actually shivering onstage but had to look calm. omg torture!

this is my Qipao partner, Cynthia :)
same pose coincidentally! love this shot!

Alice, the one who finished all the 6 body paint models in less than 3 hours. she's beyond awesome, really! salute!!

and of course, my baby who fetched me there, waited for me till the end, took pics for me, bring me home safely... :) omg i miss u :(

group pic. not all tho...

some recyclable-themed fashion competition was going on after the show. all the contestants were so superbly creative! this model is dressed in Twisties packet all over. and the packets are all sequinned. who would have thought right? :)

wonder how many packets of Twisties they had to make up this outfit. hehe :P

p/s: gosh i looked so tiny.


DG Color Model Search 2010.

decided to give this model search a try as many of my friends have also participated in previous years and it seemed to be good. here are some pics from the audition :)

boon accompanied me there again :')
was interviewed while waiting, hehe and they interviewed boon too :P

during the audition.
we were asked to do a simple catwalk, introduce ourselves, and go thru the Q&A segment. was asked by one of the judges to promote some accessories. pretty nerve-wrecking but i made it with votes from all judges! :)

pics below are from DG Color Model Search Semi-finals.
here are some of my favourites by various photographers.

love it!
love these pics by ah ming :)
he somehow knows how to take my best pics.
stood so far away yet could take such nice candids! :)
the finalists and the emcee, rachel :)

come and watch the finals on Oct 29, Fri, 6pm at Midvalley Exhibition Hall. it'll be in conjunction with Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival :)


Joico Hairshow

this has to be one of the toughest hairshows i ever experienced. somehow hairstylists love to do funky stuff on my hair. probably cos i have long and thick hair.

this time, the stylists decided to do an afro on me. had probably close to 80 mini rollers in my hair for more than a day. like this:

how did i sleep? hahah didnt really sleep. rushed assignments throughout the night and slept on parts of my face where i wont press against those rollers. a very very helpless and 'pik-chik' situation....

the process was hell, but the results were awesome. love the whole 'dream girls' look! don't get an afro anytime i want, do i? *comforting myself*

emily and i.
love the makeup and the outfit.
apparently this caftan is worth more than USD500.
love the dress :)
during the show.
with Kim and Lance from Joico.

that's all for now. any more updates would be me missing the bf, which i assume you're probably sick of hearing anyway. haha!

will try to update more often since the bf is away and bored most of the time :P

have a GREEEAAAT weekend, guys!
*group hug*

love, careen.


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