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Sunday, September 5, 2010

'Charity' Dinner

here's my sister, Charity.
she's 5 and innocent. and naive. and cute. and blur.
that makes whatever she says really funny.

it happened last night after we attended a charity dinner at The Club.

careen brushing teeth, charity standing by the bathroom door, as usual.

"da jie, charity dinner over edi ar?


"today charity dinner, tomorrow melody dinner ar?

*almost died choking on toothpaste*

"huh?? hahahhahahhahhahahaha!!!!

"huh? tomorrow melody dinner? or da jie dinner?

"no lah tomorrow daddy dinner...


charity runs downstairs and tells everyone...

"eh tomorrow we go daddy dinner ok! tomorrow is daddy dinner...

everyone: ???

"wah da jie...soooo many people come to charity dinner hor? my dinner... *beams* :D

it's stuff like this that needs to be documented for future entertainment :P

oh, i love my sisters...

love, careen.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That made my day!!! =) When is Careen's dinner? :p

  2. awww melody dinner. hahahahaha!!!! so adorable!!=D

  3. hahahaha innocent right?? we kept laughing at her about it but she still doesnt realise that we're laughing about her..she laughs along too! hahaha :P


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