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Monday, August 23, 2010

Updates as of 23 August

camhored in car with daddy driving beside me. me really no shame-shame lo...when you have the inspiration to camho, you gotta camho!

by the way, sorry for the serious, boring blog post title. really dont know what else to put! i'm not interesting anymore huhu...sign of old age :(

anyway, people always tell me they seldom see me without makeup. i beg to differ! i'm without makeup all the home. teehee :D

thing is, i love to makeup. to me, it's like painting on a blank canvas. concealing ur weaknesses and enhancing ur features.

i know all the 'it's not good for your skin' and such. i know and i agree. that's why i'm not plastered with makeup ALL the time!

if i had the time and money, i'd go learn professional makeup. being a freelance MUA is in my career option list. it's a wonderful feeling helping someone look and most importantly, feel beautiful and confident. there's so much that confidence can do to a person!

a MUA is also a huge role! they're the ones that determines if a model looks and feels good (bad makeup breaks a model trust me!), and that determines if the photoshoot or show is a success, and that will determine if the client gets customers! a little goes a long way, y'all...

anyway, needed to send some mug shots for some job the other day, and i'm happy my pics didnt look as ghostly as i thought they'd turn out! kekeke :D

so, today's your lucky day as i'm feeling confident enough to show the world my naked face.

nah! dont say you never see me without makeup before ok! and no it's not photoshopped or edited and me, i dont even know how to use photoshop..that explains why i do so badly for all my editng subjects :(


my mum accompanied me for my Shu Uemura Makeup photoshoot for SISTERS Magazine the Friday after PC fair. it's the first time she sat with me throughout the whole thing. seldom my mummy got time to accompany me :)

my beautiful, young and fun-loving mum. i can tell her ANYTHING!
(dear, are u scared? hehe)

and for those people who thinks that my parents have no idea what i'm doing, there you have it! and just so you know, i dont have a car so it's either my parents or my bf who fetches me for all my freelance jobs. my bf is three-quarter of the time offshore, so my dad fetches me everywhere.

and how can he not know what i do???? it just doesnt make sense! the whole world know what i do and no one is stop talking. *HUGE SIGH*


on a brighter note,
mum woke me up from my deep nap with these!

12 roses delivered to my doorstep for the first time in 6 yrs :) normally he'd personally hand it to me :)

my ancient camera phone can also take pretty nice pics! look at the focus...i'm impressed! hahaha :P

thanks baby for the thoughtfulness and being so romantic :)


Albert Koh's Toni & Guy Graduation Show! :D

cannot dont laugh when i'm very the crazy people. truly, your friends determine your destiny. now i'm well on my way towards being crazy permanently and sampat forever.

look at that hair! who would have thought of creating such a hair piece? :) super cool...a hat-like hair piece. the hair ball on top was other human's hair though...or to be more specific, Toni & Guy customers' hair. *EWWWWW*

all the hair-nerve-pulling and pain from the hair piece was worth it!

circus-themed hairshow!
i was the lion tamer..that explains the whip and the actual whipping :P

group pic!


did a double photoshoot on the same day for IceMag and between classes! something i'll never forget :)

wore my favourite pink tube dress for the first time.
awesome dress just that it's super hard to wear on and take off!

the price of wearing nice-fitting dress without ugly zipper and smoked back is like that :(


Pastor Kevin's 80's themed birthday surprise!!!
best birthday surprise ever!

laugh until i almost died. and almost broke Boon's left leg cos i kept hitting his thigh when i got high from laughing! hahahhahahahahahah!!! :P

Let's get physical!

the 80's chicks! ;)
(pics credit to Sophia Lian)

everyone really cooperated and dressed up like the 80's. that's CHCKL :) how often do you get people as sporting as this in our country right?

i have a wonderful spiritual family which is as random & sampat as me! wheeeee~ :DDD

let the sampatness roll....

oh, happy birthday pastor!!! :)
we love you!!!

that's all for now. got assignments to rush edi booohooo! :(
*nerd mode*

love, careen.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. *edited :D

    We're so on the same boat! Being a professional MUA is also in my list. In fact it was top of my list! But I end up enrolling into Hotel school. We should go for Beauty school after graduating this current field! haha I'm thinking of doing that after my Degree. Hmm.. *ponders

    And how did you get involved into those freelance jobs you're doing now? Been wanting to do them as well, but just dont know where to start!!

  3. Wow.
    The dressing during the 80s party was really "COLOURFUL" man. hahaha Like rainbow...

  4. [kylie] hey girl...i got most of my jobs contacted thru FB..hahah and yeah, going for a short makeup course would be interesting!

    [leonard] yeah!! those were only the aerobics and gym freaks! there were many New Kids on the Block too! ;)


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