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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PC Fair (ii) 2010: Avira | Life's Priority

can you believe that i actually composed this post like, few days after PC fair and havent had the time to write much and post it up? (as can be seen from the date of this post, actual date now is 22 August =.=)
or maybe it's the usual again...too many other events happened along the way, which caused me to be too tired to bother signing into Blogger to blog.
anyway, here are some of the pics i got earlier from various photographers. i picked out the ones that i loved the most :)

sonia and kiiwii :)

i think this was pretty cute :) desktop concept.

when we ran out of poses and felt too tired, we resorted to entertain ourselves :P

Kiiwii See: my sampat partner <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="">

pretty Jenny Foh ;)

i really love this low light effect thingy :)
love love love this pic! everyone looked so pretty :)

nobody nobody but chu! :P
though our job scope was only to pose for the photographers and smile for the cameras, doing it for the entire 3 days was really exhausting.
at the end of those 3 days, i still managed to wake up for early morning class the next day..which is something i'm very very proud of :) though really, my feet ached with every step on the ground. took an entire week of not wearing heels to recover.
nonetheless, it was a great experience :) the nice and friendly staff of Avira made our working experience enjoyable. especially on the last day when we saw their fun-loving and crazy side...after the whole PC Fair was over :)
and also, i've gotta credit the photographers for all the awesome pics. professionals or not, it was really not easy to capture nice looking photos in PC Fair due to various factors: the stage being too high this time, insufficient lighting, wrong angle, too many other photographers/shoppers.
though all the tagging of pictures on FB could have continuously spammed ur news feed for the subsequent weeks and annoyed the hell outta you (i'm sorry!), but i really do appreciate all the pretty pics taken. those nicely captioned and edited, thanks so much :)
ok will update on other jobs and stuff some other time...too many stuff until i dunno where to start. will do so one by one :) *pinky promise*
to all my faithful readers and visitors,
thanks for tirelessly dropping by to check if i have updated my blog. i know i always promise to update frequently but ALWAYS failed to deliver.
thing is, i'd rather do so sincerely as and when i want to. no point updating for the sake of just putting something onto my blog right? :)
and i dont want to waste ur time reading something insignificant and insincere too. cos i hate it when i read blogs that update some petty stuff just to increase its visitor stats everyday...even if it means boring the hell outta their readers. i never went back to those blogs.
honestly, my visitor stats dont matter anymore and so does my nuffnang account. those are really not my priority and i never intended to get famous by blogging (that explains the lack of updates and effort to make my blog attractive enough). am just letting the money flow in slowly if people are interested enough to click on the ads...not my responsibility now is it? :)
have long passed the phase of being obsessed with my daily visitor stats and earnings from ads. passed the phase of being pressured to keep my blog alive and interesting...blogging 'in' things and always keeping myself updated so that i can blog. thinking back, how meaningless it all was...what did i get out of all that?
my priority? (in no particular order)
to treasure my student life, do great academically and making God, myself and my loved ones proud.
to build long-lasting, sincere and meaningful friendships with my friends, from uni or church or work.
to plant myself in the house of God, serve Him faithfully and loving his people.
to gain priceless working experiences and exposure, meeting really awesome people and learning from what they have to offer while earning extra income to support myself through my uni life, improve my standard of living and helping to ease my family's financial burden.
to be a help and a blessing to my parents and sisters instead of a burden and liability, to add value into the lives of the people i meet everyday.
to love my prince and make him the happiest and most blessed man alive.
there are more but currently i'm pretty brain stuck so yeah, they are all i can come up with for now :) i dont always wear my heart out on my blog cos this is such a public domain and i value my privacy a lot.
but i guess sometimes, sharing what your values and opinion could potentially be a blessing to others? well, that's what i hope :)
okay time to sleep! dark circles are getting worse :(
the princess needs her beauty sleep cos his prince is home and she needs to look pretty for him tomorrow ;)
goodnight dear, faithful readers :)
drop me a holla and i promise i'll reply ur comments. wanna know who u are! :)
*group hug*

love, careen.


  1. *dropped by* Actually still have quite a lot of *cannot be exposed photo's of you girls. Hahaha Let me know if you would like them. Drop me a msg via fb

  2. good luck in your life, studies n everything...:)
    btw, love all your pictures there..;)

  3. i'm one of your faithful fans! :)

  4. [meteor] thanks girl! :)

    [shawn] hi shawn! yeah of course i want them...hahah those are really precious memories :P but of course cannot post them up!

    [sokling] thanks girl! all the best in yours too!! :)

    [david] omg david is that u?? hahah didnt know u read my blog!! *paiseh* :P


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