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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

new stuff, new launches

Sem 3 started, and today's the second day.
things have been good..tho i've additional Moral Education so that means 5 subjects *grrrr why lah*, i'm surprised to find myself still feeling positive about things. huh... :)

had my 2nd K-experience with the classmates today. first time exposed to so many Korean pop songs and music videos at one go. of course, we sang (or screamed) our lungs out like mad hyenas.

never been a fan of K-pop, but i gotta applaud them for making their music videos an entertainment, even to non K-pop fans. they have a way of making it appealing, colorful and of course, full of eye-candies ;)

tae yang...... *sigh*
why got people so good looking wan??? *faints*

* electrocuted*
awesome bone structure :)
might have gone thru plastic surgery but if that's the case, that doc has got some seriously skilled surgery skills man...

on a totally separate note,

worked for 2 launches last week. one day after another, and both at Lot 10.

ACER Smartphone Launch

makeup and hair were done at Rootz. lurve the decor.
this is just the entrance. interior is much nicer.

lurve the hair and makeup! dress, shoes, accessories and everything provided :)

with pretty, dolly cindy :)

priscilla and rhea. hots!

our makeup artists/hairstylists.

little Ferrari car :)

cindy and i


Serena C.

ooooh introducing the washroom.
plastered with half naked pics of hunks.

of course, the guys have their share of eye-candies too. bikini-clad girls all over the gents. why am i so sure? hahaha went into the wrong washroom with Puiks the other time :P

but the washroom had weird club smell so didnt stay for long.
haha :P

ORIS Boutique Launch

had pork burger lunch with Lex, Albert and the bf before work. *yummms*

Stephanie Chai was the emcee for the event. so beautiful la..her makeup was so light only yet she looks so radiant. she smiles ALL the time! but no pic..hehe :P

toilet camho pics after work! still under repair so all pics produced by my good ol' camera phone. hehe

with sue san and sonia :)

resting these few days before PC Fair this weekend.
gonna be a looooong weekend ahead! so happy to have my dear babes working tgthr with me ;)

til then!
*group hugs*

love, careen


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