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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Foam Appetizer *burp*

hey dears <3

that was before i colored my my hair's more purplish and darker in tone. should i dye it back to that? dilemma dilemma.....

anyways, more pics of pastor's birthday!

non-stop laughter!

So You Think You Know Your Pastor?
Lex apparently doesnt :P

Shirley and Sarah the banner dancers :P

the subzone! :)
beneath all the decent smiles...lies incurable sampatness...

*hearts* :)

subzone retreat this weekend! can't wait!
satay celup, cendol, mango juice, chicken rice ball...
guess where? ;)


went for Taylor's fine dining with classmates the other day.

i had ze BEST appetizer ever created. oh yeah.....



1. mix coke and lemon together in a huge bowl.
2. beat the mixture into loads of bubbles.
3. use a tiny tea spoon to scoop the foam.
4. fill the tiny glass with foam.
5. eat the foam.

this pic was taken to show you the size of the miniature glass....of foam.
oh and that's Connie in the background :)

i understand that Cappuccino foam is nice cos it's made out of milk anyway.

but this one????!!!
made out of gas....?

we were full and nauseous even before our meal.
how awesome!

the rest of the dishes were really pretty good though.
the innovative appetizer just spoiled it all!

no money for appetizer?
now you know what to do next time...beat the coke! ;)

truly the best appetizer ever!

love, careen.


  1. hahaha! BEST APPETIZER I ever had too!!


  2. btw, i steal the last pic ya.. in memory of me having the best appetizer. haha...


  3. no problem my dear :) hahahaha!!!

  4. Foam Appetizer ?

    I would love to givvit a try..really !

  5. [leonard] hahah u can try that at home! erm...not me :/


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