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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Shout-out to Dad

when i was fairly fairer. which was only a week back.
*sigh* :(

hopefully these few weeks of rest and staying at home will help me get my fairer skin back. though i've always been tanned. hehe.

something i never got to blog about- Father's Day 2010!
was too busy with the father's day drama and stuff that i got too tired to blog about it.

on Father's Day, June 19-20.

me and my "daddy" David. my daddy for the third time now.
amazing actor!

LOL @ our expressions.
didnt know i looked so hideous on stage! :P

*sniffs sobs*
at the end of the 3 services, my eyes got so sore and dry from all the crying. super emotionally challenging. but i'm happy i got the opportunity to challenge myself to do it :)

this is my young and handsome pastor!

the cactus that all the fathers got :)

that's my daddy and mummy :)

words can never express how much i love and appreciate them. i can never describe how awesome they are too.

my daddy fetches me to college every single day. He wakes up earlier than me, and knowing that i will surely not have enough time to catch my breakfast, he prepares my breakfast for me and puts them on tray in the car, together with some supplements and my allowance.

when i think about it, it never fails to warm my heart :)
i'll remember it for life, and tell it to my children and grandchildren.

there are too many little and big deeds my dad made to show me he loves me. another example would be how protective he is of me. not on my expense but his.

he would rather fetch me himself instead of any other random people just to ensure that i arrive in safe hands. my daddy is used to sleeping early, but due to my Roving Team job last week, he always slept around 1am.

the driver could easily drop me home, just like how he drops the rest of the girls back to their respective homes. but my dad would prefer him dropping me NEARBY my house (really really nearby), and he picks me up from there. sometimes i even notice him scanning who the driver is and who else is in the car. hahah so cute :)

and one night when my phone batt died and everything got delayed, my daddy actually waited for close to an hour in the car, while playing chess games on his phone. hehe :)

he is just awesome the way he is :)
so here's a shoutout to you daddy:

i love you so much. though i may not express it a lot, but i appreciate you tirelessly fetching me busy-bee for college, jobs and church activities almost everyday. truly the reason why i can be so busy and active, make my life so fruitful and gain valuable experiences is because of you.

thanks for everything, daddy. i love you :)

love, careen.


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