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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A pleasant surprise

he always makes things right :)

just when i needed him the most, he showed up. yes, my beloved gave me a surprise home-coming yesterday in the middle of reggae :)

saw him, and looked back hard to see if my eyes caught the right person, double sure it was him, ran up to him in the middle of the dance, give him a tight slap on the arm,
chase him outside and gave him a big teddy hug. that was my greeting to him..haha :P

my heart feels warm when you're around, dear :)

can't wait to have our Kimchi soup and marinated bbq pork tgthr :)
Inception (round 2), pork burger, snowflakes, and malt milk oreo bubble tea :)
*hopping around like a bunny*

taken quite sometime ago.
camera under repair *sigh, evangeline...* so no new pics.

photos are so precious to make memories..gonna get a new one soon!

just finished a fitting session for tmr's job. love the outfit from Eclipse :)
will be working in Lot10 for two separate jobs tomorrow and thursday.

very excited..will update about it :)

now, time to beat my Bejeweled highscore since i have a new lucky charm- my new pretty white mouse :) *thanks baby*

til then!
*group hug*

love, careen.


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