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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life as of 14.7.2010 | Très Trésors

why such lack of updates leh??

No.1: i don't have the time

well, that true...but even when i have the time,

No. 2: i feel super lazy to even click on the 'sign in' button. let alone 'new post'.

i think the holiday mood has really gotten me all super relaxed and lazy. which is really what i needed since the crazyyyy sem 2. sem 2 was the worst sem so far! worst ever! EVER!

plus, it's not to say i'm obliged to blog. so i can not blog whenever i choose to :)

it's a wonderful feeling! forget all the hits that i was once so obsessed about. there's definitely more to life than that. already feeling damn flattered and happy when people still visit my blog even when there are absolutely no updates. :)

No. 3: baby has been back for the past week :)

so as expected i spent most of my time having romantic dates and getting my tummy bloated from all the fooood with the bf.

mamak sessions, high tea, pork burger *drools and floods the whole room*, pizza, coffee bean, craft brew (another pork burger in the same day..muahaha!!), turkey carbonara, mushroom ginger wine mee sua (yucks! too ginger-y), ipoh hor fun.

all in less than one week.
OMG life's beautiful :)

No. 4: yours truly have been on a movie marathon mission:)

not so much in cinemas, but on the lappie :D
mostly click-flicks and romantic movies la. i know i'm so boring.

watched P.S I love you last night and cried from start to end. BAD, BAD idea for watching it before sleeping cos i ended up thinking and emo-ing before falling asleep. plus, baby's going offshore for 2 weeks and i started having this paranoid feeling of 'what ifs'.

but it was such a beautiful movie. havent read the book so dont know which is better but it really helped me to see things in a different perspective. makes me wanna treasure every moment i have with the bf. every single moment :)

of course, watched some BADly produced movies such as Date Movie and The House Bunny. waste my time!


on a separate note, helped Andrea for her Malaysian's Online Fashion Entrepreneur's Weekend competition and did a photoshoot for Très Trésors (click on the link for yummylicious heels and shoes!!)

Behind the scenes:

the boss.
all captured by Boon's iphone. not bad ma... ;)
love this one :)

okay here are the final products :)
photographed by Vincent Cheng.

look at those 'killer' heels!
comes in black, silver and gold.

i personally love this a lot :)
love the whole gold-ish feeling!

my baby sister Charity was also one of the models ;)
she was the little-girl-who-couldnt-wait-to-grow-up.

so cute!
i used to terrorize my mum's makeup and shoes when i was little too!
this is pretty Mei Ling :)
love love love those heels........*droolss*

outfits custom-made by

check em out!! :)

gonna go revamp my room in a moment's time.
will update more i pinky promise!

*group hugs*

love, careen.


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