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Thursday, July 22, 2010


this is a sunshiney sem break face :)

starting sem in another 11 days. *BIG SIGH*

can we not start our semester so quickly, pleaseee? pretty pleaseeee??
*pats eyelashes 5 times*

but then again, my brain is sorta telling me that it's time to resurrect it. haven't been thinking and stressing much. which i LOVEEEE.

oh well this is life :)

my sony ericsson 2 MP phone is still my best camho tool. baby got it for me after my SPM...which was 3 yrs ago. and my phone is still journeying with me :')

camho tip:
sunshine is the best lighting you can possibly get.

welcome to ma crib, homies!
*wishful thinking*

i looked preggers here. hmm.
had a random outing with Renee yesterday after all the interviews, castings and signing. rewarded myself with my favourite 1901 hot dog set no.4 :)


latest obsession?


thanks to Mich and Tasya for spreading it to me. i'm officially an addict. simply because it's something fresh, colourful, musical, dancey, and stars eye-candies too ;)

it's just different from GG and Desp Housewives.
this is more down-to-earth.

i'm only at Season 1 Episode 5 so i dont really know the characters yet. and i dont know the progression of the story so please be nice and dont spill anything! *covers ears*

the awkward looking teacher. awkward but pretty good looking.
i like him :)

has such beautiful voice it's unbelievable. makes me wanna take vocal classes! i dont think she's pretty..i think it's the nose and huge mouth. all her features compressed together. sorry for being mean. hehe.

Woohoo~ Quinn the queen bee.
i've never seen her act before as far as i can recall, but i think she handled her role fairly well. love her b*tchy pout! and she's so pretty..even with her hair up 99% of the time.

but her uniform not nice la. makes her look bulky.
oh, she's in her uniform 99.99% of the time.

okay he looks ugly here but really, he got me starstruck.

a bit freakishly tall and too fair for my liking,
but he's so handsome like, OMG like, totally like, charming.

*gasps multiple time*

why got people so good looking wan? love his dilemma and lost look.

i dont normally like this kinda hair, but it suits him perfectly.

he's so siao-bai-lian (small, white face in chinese literal translation, meaning guys who love older women), but they always portray these siao-bai-lian guys as sexy.

i really like to see his jealous look.

you have to watch it to believe it. i'd been skeptical all these while and i've finally found the light. you too, can have your life changed. *drama mode*

okay off to watch more GLEE.
*group hugs*

love, careen.


  1. I love ... I love reading !!! With your camho pictures ! :)
    The Glee macam very nice nih. Want to watch but I cant load PPS when everyone's using the line. :(
    anyway. Blog more ! *hugs*

  2. 字是活的,人和環境的觀察是活的,思想是活的。不管怎樣,就是要有一兩樣是活的。否則都是平庸。..................................................

  3. GLEE! is totally awesome right? haha! =D
    I'm addicted to it too!
    I'm at Episode 20 now.. must finish it before new sem starts!

    AHHHHH FINN!!! *melts* xD

  4. [ketty] thanks babe...ur blog's so pretty :) unfortunately i struggle in reading chinese..hehe :P Glee's really nice if you just watch it for the music and dance. the story is actually ok only. but the characters are so good looking ;) and yes i'll blog more! thanks for reading! :)

    [qerxin] wow episode 20??? i'm at episode 9 :/ hahaha aiming to finish before sem starts too! cos i know it'll affect me if i dont fnsh :P and yes, Finnnnnnn............... :))))) and puckerman! sexy.... ;)

  5. 鞋匠能作好鞋子,因為他只做鞋,不做別的。.......................................................


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