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Monday, July 5, 2010

The AXE job

worked for AXE Roving Team for the past week. that explains the absence and super tan skin! look like a red lobster due to walking around in the sun. is it worth? NO.

nevertheless, i had lotsa fun :)
the girls i worked with this time made it super enjoyable ;)
plus the pay was good for just short hours. not bad all in all.
behind the smiling faces, our feet were all almost crippled due to all the walking around. in a week, we covered so many parts of Klang Valley. places i never stepped foot into before.
love this pic :))
the job's simple but super tiring. hard earned cash i tell ya! the only enjoyable thing is the company i'm not kidding.
the two gluttons. Renee dear :)
we need to eat again 3 hours after every meal. kept eating during the job. we have the same eating appetite and capacity! *yumms* :)

my dear snow white, Jane Leong :)
my ganas gossip partner. love her!
camho in the car :)
i miss all the laughing-til-we-almost-died sessions! such funny times :P

look at how RED i've become. :(

when work gets boring :P

perfect camho shot!!
renee, julinda and i

miss sampat and miss sampat ;)
pretty wen san :)
law student, dont play play!

mabel :)

julinda :)
literature student. wow.
mass comm-ies :)

already missed them after two days!
that's the good thing about roving jobs. you get to know people and see their true colors.
*ahem ahem ahem*

girls, KD/Bangsar shopping soooooon! :D

for now, it's time to get ample rest. already fell sick :(

but i think i'll get well really soon. bcos baby is coming back tmr!!! :DDDDDD

love, careen.


  1. true colors? LOL hahahah erm anyways can i get ur number? i'm using AXE =X

  2. Careen, glad that you're fine. :D

  3. yes, true colors. some girls are just very special :) haha!

    oh which one ru using?? click?

    and you already have my number bro :) haha


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