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Sunday, July 25, 2010

7 days, precisely.

desserts, anyone? :)

one more week of being almost totally carefree,
one more week of sleeping IN (really in...),
one more week of GLEE marathon,
one more week of luxury, more week till Year 2, Semester 3 starts.

as much as i dread having my holidays stripped off me and pushing me back into the realities of Uni life, as much as i HATE/DREAD/LOATHE assignment stress and everything negative that comes with it, and as much as i dread having to wake up early for classes (oh God...), i'm surprised to find myself pretty excited for the challenges ahead of me.

i must say that compared to my first semester, my previous semester was really a pain in the butt. some of the lecturers were really hard to please and like *ahem*, and assignments were much more difficult to score. hence, everyone's grades were worse than before.

but then again, i'm proud to say that i did my best. i really made the effort, and i'm proud of myself. *pats self on shoulder*

video editing, video shooting, photo editing, the Adobe family and HTML were NEVER my thing. i'm such a tech dummy it's as if i'm asked to climb a tree or fly an UFO. or eat durian. and boiled eggs.

anyways, my point is, though there are design and video stuff subjects in the coming sem, i'm excited to see what my future in these techy stuff will be like. hehe come what may, bring it on, baybeh! ;)

and i'm really thankful to have such a conducive and nice learning environment to be in. *heart* Taylor's library..will be spending more time there in the coming sem :) which means braving the's crazy!

stuff to look forward to:

1. seeing all my beloved classmates

i really have a pretty damn awesome buncha classmates :) *hearts*

2. michelle soh beautiful is coming back soon :) *missed u!*

3. baby dear is flying home in 4 days :) *excited..cant wait*

life's not that bad at all!
i love my life.

thank you, Lord for EVERYTHING :)

love, careen.

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