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Friday, June 25, 2010

Rare & Precious

most recent camho pic. hahaha it's been too long!

the satisfaction you derive from camho pics is different from photoshoot pics. for camho pics, you're both the model and photographer. double satisfaction! ;)

was browsing the net doing some research for my assignment sometime back and found these rare and precious pics of our A-listers today. photos i love so much. so different from what we get these days, all air-brushed and proper.

Little Drew Barrymore :)

Ewan Mcgregor
check out those blue eyes, and *ahem* cleavage.

Yummy Robery Downey Jr.
there is something young and cheeky about him. maybe it's those eyes. or smile.

Jude Law
to me, he's the type which you go *gasp* at first sight, but after that you just get bored of his tidiness and properness. too pretty for my liking.

Bob Marley

Liv Tyler and parents
I believe she got her looks from her mum :)
and guys, every girl has a season of hideousness. you wont believe some of the pics i have when i was 10 or so. yucks!

So gorgeous and hawtz OMG.
Jodie Foster
reminds me of Aussie model Gemma Ward.

Who else could it be?
Lovable little Leonardo DiCaprio...good looking since the day he was born.

the cast of Friends!
LOL @ Ross :D

The legendary Audrey Hepburn.

There's something about Audrey...

okay i wont say i have thick and long hair anymore.
Twiggy won hands down!

you can give him ugly center-parting, make him a mad-hatter or scissorhand, he will still be so hotz. and cheeky-looking. like, you wont be able to figure out what goes on inside him, or what his next move is. my celeb crush since childhood.

Johnny Depp

blame the jawbones!
okay the lips too. and the eyes.

the most precious of all.
Heath Ledger

just when i started to think that he is so damn hot, he died :(

outstanding actor.

forever young face (like Robert Downey Jr's)
cheekiness in his eyes (like Johnny Depp's)

though the pics may not be clear and might even get irritatingly blur and grainy, but aren't they just something to behold? pictures are so important...

you can view more HERE.

signing off :)

love, careen.

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