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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our food escapades

was browsing through old photos on my lappie and camera, and found so many food escapades that me and boon had. time passes so fast and we're so caught up with so many things all the time, that we forget the little moments that count.

on the way to POS prac months back :)
we had Indonesian food to satisfy my craving :D

Sari Ratu.
while everyone else had rice with dishes (their signature nasi padang), the two jakuns had ala carte. should try their nasi padang next time :)

afterwhich, baby brought me to the frequently-visited Bubble Tea shop opposite Asia Cafe and bought me my favourite Oreo Malt Milk Bubble Tea as promised :D it gives me indescribable energy boost, motivation, mood enhancement, you name it.

thanks to Sophia Lian for the amazing mixture, now the whole CHC gets a new craving :P

another bubble tea pic. hahah.

havent had it since baby went offshore.
waiting for him to come back and bring me there again :)

then there's this fine day when i craved for beef noodle at Dragon-I.
random, i know. and he brought me there straight away :))

i can taste it in my mouth now.....
though i promised myself not to have it for months or maybe years due to the super oiliness and fatsss. can get pretty yucks...

but, it's so awesome......

love the spoon/scoop thingy. gives a bigger portion.
no wonder i got full so fast! which is normally not the case.

ready to devour...


plus a whole lot of others. sometimes we wonder what and where to eat cos i think we conquered almost all the food places in Subang/Sunway.

i feel so fat and blessed :)
i have an awesome bf whom i sometimes forget to thank God for.
God, i'm so happy and blessed :)

waiting for more food escapades when baby returns from offshore. soon. :)

love, careen.

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