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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


hello i'm back OMG feels like it's been years!!

havent updated this blog since....i dont know. my previous blog post was just to sooth my itch to post something here and to tell the whole world of my shoe cravings. or maybe to
hint ;)

holidays just started..will start Sem 3 in August. i somehow or rather will get myself occupied with activities and stuff even during holidays. been up to sooo many things that i dont even know where to begin. even have stuff lined up for the weeks and months ahead! :/

anyways, notice the new template/layout???

OMG long story. didn't wanna change my old layout as i loved it and have been using it since the start. wanted to just change the header picture cos i'm already bored of that pink perfume photo and i guess you too are bored of it. you know i'm not very tech-savvy and can be pretty stupid and clumsy AT TIMES, one click led to another and things just got more and more wrong. and *poof*, my old layout seemed impossible to retrieve :)

therefore, i walked by faith and believed in the very shallow HTML knowledge that i attained from Mr. Julian or rather, Qer Xin's tutorials :P and managed to change here and there and got the desired layout i wanted hallelujah! :DDDD

okay, that was just something to brag about.

the main point of the blog post is THIS:

if you can't understand BM, im so so sorry.

Direct Translation:

Staring at female boobs for 10 minutes can lengthen a man's life span up to 5-6 years. No, it's NOT a joke (wah, so serious), but a result obtained by a group of researchers who experimented on 200 REAL MEN (??) in Europe. Dr. Karen Weatherby, the head of the researchers team stated in the New Engalnd Journal of Medicine that staring at female boobs for 10 minutes each day is equivalent to spending 30 minutes in a gym.

WAH so geng??
i don't know if it's baseless or has truth in it, but isn't it just interesting that people bother doing such research?

a strategy for Dr. Weatherby to get her hubby's attention to her, perhaps? ;)

Just Kidding!!

hahahaha so there, my first post after such a long period of time.

sorry i sound so hyper bcos that's how happy i am to finally have the time to update. more to come! ;)

love, careen.


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