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Sunday, June 27, 2010


my hair looks brown here! (?)

had a weekend dedicated to my family. spent time with gramma, been eating so much, watched Toy Story 3. even managed to spend some time with Qer Xin before she goes off and give Li-Hsia (and Vincent) a birthday surprise! relaxing weekend and time well-spent :)

random: i love my relatives who are so nice and generous.
wanna be like them when i'm rich and loaded in the future :)

these days i'm finding it difficult to sleep early. maybe it's bcos of the long naps in between my day, or maybe the holiday mood just really got to me.

like, i'd feel wasted if i sleep early. i know it's a stupid thought but since i can afford not to sleep early, i give in to my stupidity every once in a while ;)

okay i know this is embarrassing, but...i just watched 10 Things I Hate About You last night.
for the first time. and boy, did i have sweet dreams :))

what's more noob is this: i didn't even know Heath Ledger was the main actor.
like, am i from another planet or something? so super outdated!

and i bet, for the first time, nobody actually really pays attention to the female character. Heath Ledger's role was just too dangerous, unpredictable, daring, persistent, romantic, tough, and millions more....

those ugly curls would look bad on anybody else except for Heath Ledger i guess :) or maybe Johnny Depp too. that 'Joey' guy (right) isn't even attractive to me.

see, even a random candid screen shot like this looks good.

Julia Stiles is pretty in her own way. but she's really flat like, OMG.
like, really really.

a typical chick flick with predictable storylines, but what makes the movie so great is obviously not Julia Stiles, but Heath Ledger :)

okay u guys are gonna be so sick of me talking about him. but please understand, i just watched the movie less than 24 hours ago and just recently really caught the Ledger-Fever.

why oh why did i find him cute only after he's dead? :(

it's those eyes!
and that smile :)
he has this signature 3-lines wrinkle thing when he smiles.
i dont think those are dimples, are they?
anyway, *faints*

*collapse* :)))

now i know why everyone was so sad when Heath Ledger died.

why did Heath Ledger die?

what will happen to all the female fans? i mean, what happened to all the female fans?

it's such a waste. such talent and good looks.

and forgive me for my style of writing today. i realise i sound quite bimbo. but i'm not like this all the time okay. blame the HL-fever.....

gonna be catching more movies of HL. guess it's just one of those star-strike, celeb crushes.

i still love boon to death!! :))
i love you baby :))

love, careen.


  1. Totally agree with you. Definitely the eyes and the smile.
    So mesmerizing *lum face*

  2. yeah....mesmerizing is the word :)))

  3. A Knight's Tale coming home soon!

  4. Never get tired of hearing about Heath...I am glad he still has fans...I have been a fan of his for so long...When he died it was like a rug pulled out from under me...I am still sad over it...


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