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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Alive!

Morning :)
it's one of these rare days that i actually wake up earlier than 1.30pm :P

did a photoshoot for FEMALE magazine yesterday.
i love the makeup and hair :) dress, not my style but it's still nice :)

love the HUGE changing room!
every changing room should be like that ma...

accompanied gramma the entire night.
here's Mel & gramma :) i have a really cute gramma :)

random Charity :)

i find this super duper cute :)
all different expressions. LOL @ Evangline the little thing.

Toys R'Us: a must-go.
look at those posers!

i dont see why anyone should get those ugly spanking things.

i used to be obssessed with barbies u have NO IDEA!

some things need not be taught. it comes naturally.
dont keep saying i taught them!

okay this is one scary doll.
technology has evolved SO MUCH, that here's one talking, blinking doll, which moves its mouth & face "muscles". to me, it is so damn freaky okay.

my sisters started conversing with that scary thing knowing that she speaks and "replies". tell me, how can any child not have imaginary friends after having such toy?? or distorted perception of reality, and inability to distinguish between fiction and reality?? (wah my essay all come out)

here's a video of my two baby sisters happily making friends with the Baby Alive doll.

at first i thought it was kinda cute and wow, savvy!
but after seeing my sisters being soooo into the convo, man, it freaked me out.

no way would i get it for my sisters, or future children, or, anybody for that matter. unless ur socially deprived and needs a talking doll to converse with you.

i even taught Evangeline to say "bye bye" to that thing and consequently, everytime she passes by that doll she'd look her into the eyes and say "bye". arrrgkhs wrong move!! :/

do drop by Toys R' Us to check it out man, freakay!

love, careen.

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