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Monday, May 10, 2010

The dust, roaches & loathable changing room? Worth it.

by far the dirtiest and loathable shooting location.

oh wait, it could actually be compared to the one done in Batu Caves during Modelle's Top 50. but at least we changed into our outfits in the vehicle, not in some tiny, wet, dark, dirty, yucks bathroom >.<

the corset was a pain to be in too! super tight..could hardly sit and breathe properly! there were roaches running about when i was shooting near the sink, and went home with tiny short short hair on my clothes and skin. hahaha :P

nonetheless, after all the girly rants and snapping back to reality, it was a great experience :)

i mean, how often do we get to have a photoshoot in an old school mamak barber?? and to have it turn out so nice. Javad's awesome...never failed to take awesome pics! :)

am currently in Top 10. going for the next photoshoot this coming weekend in the running for Top 5. really really wanna get to Top 5, another step closer :)

it's been a great journey competing in Modelle's Beauty 50 competition. it's a competition like no other. many modelling competitions make you pay, and if not, wearing skimpy clothes and bikini are requirements for the competition. besides, most modelling competitions want height and runway model-like girls.

Modelle has decided to do it girls-next-door a chance to gain new experiences, eliminating the mindset that modelling is only about the height and baring skin. although we don't exactly live in a mansion like ANTM and do it in a long term basis, but only a monthly one-day photoshoot, it's still really enriching. something that we girls look forward to every month :)

having said all that, just wanna say a big thank you to Modelle for the entire journey. exicted for what's ahead!! :D

to vote for yours truly,


MODV (space) XYI
and send to 36660

thanks loves!!

love, careen.


  1. No thankews to me? =(

    J/k. Glad u made it so far babe. Next up, another shoot alright? ;)

  2. i voted once for u previously :D wana see u again in top 5 :D i shall vote again..hehehe see u in class! :P

  3. erin, of course thanks to you! if you hadnt asked me to join, i wouldnt even be here right now :) *big hugs* thanks babe :))

    hey andre, thanks so much! see ya in class! :)

  4. 真正的愛心,是照顧好自己的這顆心。......................................................

  5. wow. stunning! haha. I voted for you Careen (:

    & I'm back blogging. relink & support k? thanks! :D

  6. Hey careen! Wow! You've been going for many beauty contest without giving up, first was Estee Lauder which i wanted to go for it too but in the end called it off. And now in you're the Top 10! Really awesome! :)

    Btw, just asking, does this competition put your studies on hold? and It seems more on photoshoots to judge. Any physical competitions like catwalks? Haha people who are not photogenic like me wont do as good.

    Yet! Tempted to join after seeing you doing so well! :D Good luck! Would love to see you win! :)

  7. 外表往往與事實不符,世人卻容易被外表的裝飾所欺騙。 ..................................................


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